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AG Loretta Lynch slams North Carolina bathroom bill, likening it to Jim Crow Laws

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Controller: San Francisco nets $2 million from Super Bowl

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Meet the Ayn Rand enthusiast whose private college empire reaps a fortune from the government

Kansas City, Kansas, detective fatally shot; man in custody

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Delusional, prudish, selfish, violent: This is how Americans compare to the rest of the world

Noam Chomsky: America is an empire in decline

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The Obama administration's Panama Papers misfire: Why new rules to curtail global tax avoidance could actually make things worse

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Samantha Bee's devastating Ted Cruz kiss-off: "Godspeed, you terrifying, fundamentalist swamp Reagan"

David Brooks jumps to conclusions about raising children that, just this once, can't be complained about

Beyoncé wins again: She faces protests for her politics, but like the Dixie Chicks and Sinead O'Connor, the right's proven wrong again

An open letter to Donald Trump supporters: Please, for the love of all that is good, reconsider this insanity!

Bernie Sanders dazzles Stephen Colbert: "I don't take money from billionaires, but I do check every vending machine change slot"

"A mutant from a carrot juicing accident": Trevor Noah burns Donald Trump

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"Obama out": 14 times the Obamas were the absolute coolest first family

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Will they ever learn? North Carolina lawsuit shows why the religious right was downright stupid to pick on trans people

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Man charged with hate crime after training his pug to make Nazi salute

Twitter trolls Israeli prime minister with #AskNetanyahu — 2 days before his scheduled Q&A

Bristol Palin's custody drama takes most unexpected turn to date: Co-parental bliss with baby daddy Dakota Meyer

The November freakout begins: It's May, so let's all go crazy over a few good polls for Trump

Senate Republicans rush to investigate allegations of Facebook news bias -- still refuse to hold hearings for SCOTUS nominee

One of the dumbest things you'll hear this year: Heidi Cruz compares husband's failed campaign to the fight to abolish slavery

It's Trump vs. Scarborough: He was once cozy with the billionaire, but now Joe Scarborough is slamming his "scattershot approach" in op-ed

"He is running a scam on conservatives": These Republicans can't stand Donald Trump

Texas lieutenant governor freaks out over "respectful and trusting" transgender student policy

Rush Limbaugh admits Republicans have been trolled: "Trump is an internet troll"