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Rulings may make voter ID laws presidential race nonfactors

Sarah Palin slams Ted Cruz's "career-ending" RNC speech: "It’s commonplace for politicians to disbelieve their word is their bond"

Roger Ailes officially departs Fox News — with $60M payout — amid sex harassment scandal, reports say

Roger Stone on Cruz's non-endorsement of Trump: "A duplicitous p***k who signed a pledge to endorse the nominee"

Trump delegate booted from RNC for racist online postings under "Whitepride" handle

The making of a fascist: "You get into a sticky area if you try to psychoanalyze a fictional future despot"

“Star Trek Beyond”: Humor and adventure abound in this course-correcting sequel

REPORT: Donald Trump embraces his inner-Richard Nixon in leaked copy of RNC speech

Reaction to Roger Ailes' exit as Fox News Channel chief

WATCH: 6-year-old singer Heavenly Joy Jerkins' incredible performance before the RNC

Paul Manafort explains to Chris Matthews why women will vote for Trump: "Their husbands can't afford to be paying for the family bills"

Peter Thiel endorses Trump: "Fake culture wars" don't matter -- "Who cares about who uses which restrooms?"

"Donald Trump is color-blind and gender-neutral": Ivanka Trump paints a picture of her father as "kind and compassionate"

Trump for class president: A breakdown of Donald Trump's campy infomercial during RNC

Donald Trump deviates from prepared remarks to praise evangelicals for support -- and for not booing the LGBTQ community

"The single most negative speech I've ever heard": Twitter reacts to Trump's RNC acceptance speech

Trump's RNC manifesto: Declares that America is in crisis — and he'll fix it "fast"

The sad truth about climate change: The Antarctic Peninsula has cooled, but warming will win

It's time to admit it: We're all afraid of terrorism — and that's the entire point of it

Trump's gender paradox: When men are feminists for their daughters but not for their wives

Voting rights victories: The GOP's mission to deny people's rights on Election Day were dealt major blows this week

Colbert goes After Trumpiness: His live RNC coverage revives the comedy of “The Colbert Report”

Trump's terrifying speech: Fear and xenophobia become the GOP's official platform

His dark materials: After that diabolical, masterful performance, Donald Trump could easily end up president

The beginning of the end: Trump's nomination signals the collapse of an ideological movement and a political party

WATCH: Jon Stewart crashes "The Late Show": Trump's "the kind of guy you want to sit down and own a fleet of airplanes with"

RNC broadcasts white supremacist tweets during Trump’s speech

Self-care isn't apathy: You don't have to watch the whole Trump horror show

Leslie Jones addresses Twitter trolls: "Hate speech and freedom of speech (are) two different things"

Unity through racism: Trump makes his big play to make the GOP a white nationalist party

"If Hillary were any more on the inside, she'd be in prison": The 12 lowest attacks on Hillary Clinton at the RNC

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The Cruz-Trump brawl: The whole drama smells like a rigged scene right out of WWE wrestling

Leaked DNC email: Sanders’ attempt to moderate Israel stance “disturbing,” Clinton campaign used it to “marginalize Bernie”

An alternate universe in Cleveland: What America just witnessed was a shared psychotic disorder

UPDATED: 6 dead in shooting at Munich shopping mall, police say

NBA teaches North Carolina a lesson: Gov. Pat McCrory learns that bigotry has consequences

DNC emails: Wasserman Schultz furiously pressured MSNBC after it criticized her "unfair" treatment of Sanders