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Party like it's 1992: Newspaper front-page photos celebrate the other Clinton on Hillary's historic night

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The Evolution of Michelle Obama, Convention Speaker

"Food has a body image issue in America": A staggering amount food is wasted — and for the dumbest reasons

Vote with your fork: A national food policy could be really sweet for the economy

Gabby Giffords delivers moving endorsement of Hillary Clinton: "Speaking is difficult for me, but in 2017, I will be able to say 'Madame President'"

DNC crowd chants "No more war!" at former CIA Director Leon Panetta

"I'm a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one": Mike Bloomberg goes to the DNC to knockout Trump

Joe goes on the attack: Biden electrifies DNC with fierce takedown of Trump

Tim Kaine breaks out his best Donald Trump impersonation to introduce himself to the DNC: "Believe me!"

"America is already great": President Obama's moving DNC speech lifts Hillary, crushes Trump

Weather disasters can fuel war in volatile countries, study finds

Capitalism disrupts culture: Turbo-capitalism will wreck us, unless Hillary moves faster

Progressives were victorious: At the Democratic National Convention, progressive values are a focus (so far)

Joe Biden’s farewell: The VP’s last big moment under the political spotlight

Obama's DNC letdown: The president needed to hit it out of the park, but he surprisingly fell short

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The right-wing spin machine in action: Conservatives race to clean up mess from Trump's insane news conference

The DNC message to fed-up Republicans: Leave the dark side and join us

"He is a tall glass of Lactaid": John Oliver talks Tim Kaine in "Late Show" appearance

Bigotry, denial and the distortion of American history: Bill O’Reilly’s racist dreams of “well-fed” and happy black slaves

"I'm sure he has his treasons": Seth Meyers doesn't know why Trump would ask Russia to hack Hillary's email server

"A foreign, fascist puppet master is manipulating our election": Putin might sway the U.S. vote — and that's terrifying

Erasing Melania's past: Her website gets scrubbed amid reports she lied about college degree

WATCH: Black Lives Matter march challenges DNC and systemic racism

Conservatives mad at Hilton for showing gay couple in ad

Watch the Rolling Stones sing about Rice Krispies in this 1960s ad

Marco Rubio embraces Trumpism: The ever-opportunistic Florida Republican joins the war on refugees

Chasing the third-party rainbow: Jill Stein on Sanders, the two-party system, and the "equivalent evils" of Trump and Clinton

Life after Fountains of Wayne: "I don’t find myself listening to power-pop music at all"

Trump escalates his war with the press: Washington Post reporter barred from Mike Pence rally, patted down by police

NBA head: Nixing Charlotte All-Star Game a business decision

Cosby drops litigation against accuser in sex assault case