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A mea culpa to Hollywood conservatives, living under the shadow of a modern McCarthyism

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Trump’s military nostalgia is influenced by the war movies of his youth

Undoing the voters' will: Democratic measures to raise minimum wage are being met with court challenges

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Hate crimes in U.S. rose more than 20 percent during 2016 presidential campaign

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Donald Trump's tax returns: What do we now know, and what do we not know?

Carbon dioxide is rising at record rates

Trump’s Defense Secretary cites climate change as national security challenge

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Trump's plan for health care chaos: Watch the GOP bill fail and hope Obamacare will "implode"

Killing the EPA: Trump administration plans to gut budget, change how pollution is measured

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Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has close ties to conservative megadonor activist Philip Anschutz

Police want to search a Dakota Pipeline protest group’s Facebook page

The Republicans' Obamacare replacement bill is overwhelmingly unpopular

Monica Crowley went from advising the president to lobbying for a Ukranian oligarch

Prison building will continue booming in rural America

Trump's big power grab: With the Bharara firing and the "deconstruction" of the executive branch, has he gone too far?

Martin O'Malley 2020? Ex-Maryland governor, 2016 Democratic candidate puts out Iowa poll

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I have autism and I'm not "Rain Man" — and I'm not abnormal, either

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