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"We know the truth": A dozen family members of Nevada's GOP gubernatorial nominee turn against him

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Sarah Silverman says Louis C.K. used to masturbate in front of her with her consent

Harley Davidson sales suffer worst decline in 8 years following Trump's calls for a boycott

McCain accuses co-host of calling her a liar: “Did you just accuse me of not telling the truth?"

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Message to millennials: vote

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Louis C.K. accuser responds to Sarah Silverman: "He’s a predator who victimized women for decades"

Stacey Abrams under fire for burning Confederate-themed state flag in 1992

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Barack Obama on 2018 midterm elections: "We have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics"

SCOTUS issues stay blocking deposition of Trump official over citizenship question on 2020 Census

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Man arrested for allegedly groping woman tells officials: "The president of the US says it's OK"

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Conservative PAC funds ad claiming Debbie Stabenow supports "black genocide" since she is pro-choice

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