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Quote of the day: If you can't get it right

Suu Kyi urges end to US sanctions against Myanmar

Redefining the perfect woman

Conservatives to Mitt: We never liked you anyway

Education: The economy's great elixir

Thousands of protesters swarm Spain's capital

What is the UN General Assembly, anyway?

Scott Brown channels Jesse Helms

North Dakota Senate race: Rick Berg's shady real estate ties get shadier

8 reasons Crystal the monkey is better than you

Anonymous attacks Golden Dawn NY's website

Smoke in the cabin? Just open the window

Weird news: Owner of cursing cockatoo appeals noise complaint fine

SCOTUS could put off Proposition 8 and DOMA decisions

Why art is good for Alzheimer's patients

Do you respect my sex?

My baby-sitter addiction

Village Voice sex ads remain

"Innocence of Muslim" filmmaker's probation case creeps on

Robots are coming (for your job)

"Won't Back Down": Why do teachers' unions hate America?

Explosions target army HQ in Syrian capital

Salon limerick contest

Russia halts imports of GMO corn after cancer study

Ahmadinejad tells media about new world order

Edward Norton, Snoop Dogg to play "Words with Friends" for charity

Must-see morning clip

Romney adopts Obama's tax message

Obama now in taunting mode

Both camps manage debate expectations

Why Romney is losing

Mexican Drug War victims: US is responsible

Florida slipping away for Mitt

J.K. Rowling grows up — and gets knocked down

GOP nightmare: Confident Americans

Ann Romney says electing a Mormon a good signal

Feds target LA in medical marijuana crackdown

Hong Kong tycoon: Marry my daughter, please

Journalist arrested for defacing anti-Islam ad

Madonna explains "Black Muslim" statement

Virginia GOP branch won't remove Obama "witch doctor" pics

Greek general strike turns violent

Ahmadinejad wants to undo most of history

New York GOPer who backed gay marriage loses seat

Romney's Ohio problem

Penguin suing prominent writers

Puking myself clean

$1 million to pepper-sprayed protesters

Fla. voter registration fraud charge has ties to Romney

Staples to Mitt: Get bent

So many books, so little time

Google sea view slideshow

Romney fundraiser planned Thursday in Hong Kong

Hubble's view of the universe will blow your mind

Google Maps releases Google sea view