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Six dead after Illinois massacre

Rhode Island Senate votes to legalize same-sex marriage

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Space preservation's new frontier

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How a Twitter hack sent the market plummeting

How can white Americans be free?

He called me a slut but I want him

With crowdsourcing, everyone's a detective now

Bombing suspect goes silent after being read Miranda rights

Bangladesh factories ignored police evacuation

Fuel barge explosions cause Alabama fire

Why are terrorists so often men?

Bush family furiously selling itself to Americans once again

American presidents gather to salute W.

Bombing suspects' father to return to U.S.

"American women novelists" segregated by Wikipedia

Is the press too big to fail?

David Letterman urges North Dakota station to re-hire A.J. Clemente

House conservatives want more failed attempts to repeal Obamacare

Gallup: Higher approval for Presidents once they're out of office

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart interviews Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef

Tea Party Caucus to relaunch

Presidential libraries are huge failures

YouTube to launch first-ever Comedy Week

Barbara Bush on Jeb: "We've had enough Bushes"

Body of student falsely fingered in bombings found in Providence

Hagel: Syrian government likely used chemical weapons

Israel shoots down Hezbollah drone

Study: Autism risk may be linked to placental abnormalities

Could a carbon fee save us from climate change?

Baltimore prison guards indicted in massive drug conspiracy

"Arrested Development" character posters

Astronomers solve mystery of water on Jupiter

When maps are art

GOP official's Facebook status: She's "hot enough to almost make me register Democrat"

Bill Clinton jokes about Bush's "bathroom sketches"

Netflix releases "Arrested Development" character posters

DOJ issues new medical exam guidelines for sexual assault cases

Bill Clinton joins Twitter

Jimmy Kimmel delivers amusing, tipsy speech at Time 100 dinner

Dem Presidents praise Bush on immigration

The changing facts in the Boston investigation

George Bush: I won't weigh in on gay marriage

Syria may have crossed "red line" with use of chemical weapons

Conversion therapy advocate issues formal apology, renounces "ex-gay" past

GOP senators: Syria crossed Obama's red line

Hezbollah: Drone's not ours

Times Square was bombing suspects' next target

Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Conspiracy theorist

Barbara Bush is right

Obama's Bush speech highlights their similarities

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