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Bolivian plane suspected of carrying Snowden rerouted

Ex-Nirvana and Soundgarden member joined the elite Special Forces

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South Africa after Mandela

SCOTUS' civil rights seesaw

Let's abolish student loans altogether!

Sequester cutting tens of millions from federal wildfire spending

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Gandolfini's will leaves most of estate to children

Dem quits Hispanic caucus over immigration reform

Chris Christie: Roomful of billionaires really wanted me to be president, for some reason

Chris Kluwe's "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies" is a weird, wild ride

Environmental group flags Pepsi over carcinogen levels

Family Research Council plans "ex-gay pride month"

Boston man charged in terror fund fraud

Poll: Americans don't like decision on Voting Rights Act

Thousands turned away from Texas House committee hearing on antiabortion bill

Austerity is bad for your health

"Big Brother" apology for racism is too little, too late

North Carolina adds sweeping antiabortion provisions to "anti-Sharia Law" bill

Democrats like shooting guns, too

Conservative groups can't find 2014 candidates

Travel ban imposed on Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood leader

Tanks roll into Cairo

German interior minister: Drop Google and Facebook, avoid US spying

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Prince Charles is a Dalek from "Doctor Who"

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Lego thief pleads guilty

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Obama logo Truthers are back!

Army tightens grip on Cairo

Egyptian military announces Morsi is out

Egyptian military pledges no long-term takeover