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Breaking: ESPN pretty sure Michael Sam takes showers, not sure with whom he's showering

How the Dow Jones industrial average fared Tuesday

John Oliver has solved America's gender wage gap problem with "Ladybucks"

Do you feel uncomfortable, yet? Here's what would happen if geeky girls acted like geeky guys

Bill and Melinda Gates donate $1 million to gun control campaign

Why female writers get trolled the most

Miley Cyrus defends homeless VMA presenter Jesse Helt as warrant for his arrest emerges

Twitter perfectly responds to the revelation of Uber's shady sabotage

Anatomy of a Fox News smear: Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge and the "dumbest person on the Internet"

"Life of Crime": Jennifer Aniston stars in a black-comic Labor Day surprise

Jonathan Franzen interviews Daniel Kehlmann: "Germans and humor: It's a complex problem! Detecting humor is not our strong side"

"I wanted to spread my legs and cause controversy": The long, sordid history of porn in holy places

Colombian kingpin's former hit man leaves prison

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Good morning, Time Warner customers: Internet's down!

"Principles be damned": How basic reform could get crushed in a liberal state

Marco Rubio's existential flip-flop

Secret audio nails Mitch! Endangered McConnell busted humiliating himself on tape

4 dumbest campaign ads of 2014: Karl Rove's cynicism, Ebola panic, and firing guns at TVs!

How cops get away with it: Why the government can read your emails, but not count shooting deaths

These award-winning wildlife photos are absolutely stunning

Watch Lois Lowry and Jeff Bridges explain what a dystopia is to Stephen Colbert

Michael Che to Jon Stewart: "I gotta find a place where they don't kill so many black people"

Stop saying global warming caused Ebola!

What the Emmys revealed about the broadcast vs. cable war raging on TV

Bound bodies of 2 found in Philly river; 3rd hurt

Bill O'Reilly's latest idiotic defense of white privilege

David Chase just ruined the ending of "The Sopranos"

Watch Ellen DeGeneres confront a nude Chelsea Handler in "Chelsea Lately" finale

Couples who smoke pot experience less domestic violence

Grain mixed, livestock mixed

Here's why a "Full House" reboot is an insane idea

Kevin Sorbo lashes out at atheists!

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Texas cop is cleared of charges after killing an unarmed teenager

Chelsea Handler's final late-night episode perfectly captured all the worst of Chelsea Handler

Joss Whedon blasts misogynistic video games, tweets support for Feminist Frequency founder

Mitt Romney concedes there's an infinitesimal chance he'll run again, everyone freak out!

Erickson's proud ignorance: RedState's founder doesn't believe those lying climate scientists

ESPN on its bizarre Michael Sam shower report: Whoops!

Watch 100 topless people get tasered by their loved ones

The Washington Post wants to fix the climate debate -- by featuring even more deniers

Zara's boggling blunder: Why can't fashion designers resist the siren song of Holocaust iconography?

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart finally gives Fox the takedown we've been waiting for

It's not just the South and Fox News: Liberals have a white privilege problem too