October 20, 2015 Archive October 2015

Iraq war bombshell: Leaked memo shows Tony Blair committed to Bush's war a full year before the invasion

Why so defensive, Amazon?: Firing back at the New York Times two months later is desperate damage control

NBA player describes humiliating racial profiling experience: "One of the the most degrading and racially prejudiced things I've ever experienced in life"

Racists threaten to boycott "Star Wars VII" because it promotes "white genocide," apparently

Peggy Noonan outdoes herself, sneers that Obama's presidency means "Anyone can run for president now"

Forget the war on drugs: Alcohol ruins more lives than all other drugs combined

A shocking HBO rape turns the tables on a notorious approach to female nudity, assault

We were promised hoverboards: Of course "Back to the Future II" got 2015 mostly wrong — here's why

So a thief walks into a comedy club: Trevor Noah, Louis C.K. and the war over plagiarized punch-lines

Let us now blame George Bush: Trump and Jeb force a long overdue debate about 9/11

Soda is making America obese: How the industry targets the poor -- and preys on their health

Bill Maher is right about this much: We still have socialism all wrong

Syria is America's responsibility: Negotiations with Putin may be our last and only hope

Robert Reich: A $15 minimum wage is the only moral choice

Cucks, wimps and feminazis: Trump, Carson and anti-PC crowd bed down with white supremacists, women haters, race baiters

Benghazi is a Fox News farce: What the witch hunt reveals about the right's most cherished lies

Trevor Noah goes fan-boy on Martin O'Malley: If I could vote, "I would vote for you"

Must-see: Larry Wilmore's epic Jeb Bush takedown: "It’s as if his head can’t contain the bullsh*t"

GOP's Romney revival: Republicans adopt the "free stuff" rhetoric that sunk Mitt

This is what karma feels like: How the GOP's Benghazi fraudsters sowed the seeds of their own destruction

Trevor Noah can't save Martin O'Malley: The "sexiest" candidate is in over his head

8-year-old girl dies after a gun falls to the floor and shoots her dead while her mother was braiding her hair

"FML": Martin Shkreli, the world's most hated pharmaceutical CEO, is trying to win back hearts and minds by trolling

Ted Cruz leads right-wing outrage over "clock kid" Ahmed Mohamed's visit to the White House

Jim Webb to drop out of Democratic race — but leaves open possibility of independent run

Amy Schumer accused of joke theft, and comics rally to her defense: "The comedians know who the joke thieves are"

The chaos theory of Donald Trump: The secret to his unprecedented success — and why it's very good news for Ted Cruz

Only Bernie Sanders gets this right: We must discuss Obamacare now

Trevor Noah breaks down the Bush-Trump Twitter battle: They're both pretty bad at comebacks

No offense, Larry David, but this is the best Bernie Sanders impression in the game

Trey Gowdy comes undone: The GOP's new Ken Starr has lost all claims to credibility

Now white people are trying to ruin "Star Wars": Racist reaction to new trailer is part Gamergate, part Donald Trump

Why yes, that is Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley playing Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" on "The View"

Trevor Noah smacks down Bernie Sanders' fans: "Online doesn't count"

Donald Trump isn't a fan of the post-nude Playboy: "It's not the same"

Graduate students fight back at Yale: "I’m trying to support myself and my son ... but it’s not working"

"Saturday Night Live" shakeup: Colin Jost is no longer the show's head writer

Meet our new Ayn Rand: Ben Shapiro's hamfisted propaganda fiction is even worse than you guessed

Please feed the Star Wars trolls: White supremacists need to be noticed to keep their ideas on the fringe

The Democratic Party is in deep trouble: The big question that Bernie Sanders is at least trying to answer

George W. Bush's big gift to Ted Cruz: A slap from the establishment's village idiot is just what the 2016 hopeful wants

Sorry, Fox News: Captain America has long been a liberal, anti-nationalist character

Neil deGrasse Tyson lets the science deniers have it: "The beginning of the end of an informed democracy"

Jeb Bush follows Fox News' advice: He blames Bill Clinton, not Dubya, for 9/11

Ben Carson's apotheosis, America's political nadir: The surgeon who thinks he's God, and the country that enabled him

Bernie vs. the cult of the free market: Why the right-wing case against Sanders is laughably wrong

GOP fails to defund "sanctuary cities" so Ted Cruz lashes out at Democrats: They bear responsibility for future murders

Don't feed the Shkreli: The Turing Pharma CEO's pathetic Twitter antics are about as funny as his price-gouging

The Lena Dunham Industrial Complex is expanding: Learn how to live your "best life" from her new feminist podcast

Chris Matthews applauds Donald Trump for destroying the falsehood that George W. Bush kept us safe: "Democrats never had the stones"