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This is why I'm still single?: Men think smart women are sexy — but only from a distance

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This is not a democracy: Behind the Deep State that Obama, Hillary or Trump couldn't control

Torture, Iran, and Secrecy: Trove of CIA Director John Brennan's emails released by WikiLeaks

Say hello to Speaker Paul Ryan: House Freedom Caucus lends its support

The Arab Spring blooms: Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush and the peace prize the Nobel committee got right

Robert Reich: Demagogues are brazenly lying to you about U.S. immigrants

Joe Biden's fatal conceit: His farewell speech shows why it's good he's not running

The raging disgrace of the Benghazi show trial: Today's Hillary Clinton-Trey Gowdy showdown is theater for suckers

Paul Ryan is too far left? The media lunacy beyond Fox News which lets the right get wackier and more extreme

Jeb Bush 3.0 will crash and burn: Why his new (new) strategy is almost certainly doomed

"I haven't seen a list this crazy since the 10 Commandments": Trevor Noah lets Paul Ryan have it

No way, Bernie Sanders just did an impression of Larry David doing an impression of him: "Pretty, pretty, pretty good!"

Long live the conservative puppet master: Why Grover Norquist is still more destructive than the House GOP

The New York Times blows it again: Why its Israel-Palestine coverage gets it so wrong

The raging irony of WikiLeaks' latest release: Inside the absurd hacking of CIA chief John Brennan

This is right-wing terrorism: The frightening new rise of church and clinic arson -- and why you won't hear about it on Fox News

Ann Coulter attacks "self-flattering jabberer" Paul Ryan for "pretending to help the poor"

Donald Trump is a totally overrated loser -- and the latest Iowa poll proves it

Bill O'Reilly: It's time to start arresting "subversives" who disagree with me

"I thought I was going to die, it was horrible": The growing far-right is attacking refugees throughout Europe

Meet the activist and entrepreneur changing the lives of incarcerated youth — one grilled cheese at a time

Bernie Sanders: We need to "go much further" than Obama and Biden if America is to survive

Swooning over Justin Trudeau: Our collective freak-out over Canada's Prime Minister is about more than "nice hair"

Toddler encouraged to smoke cigarettes and drink beer in viral video

Jeb Bush, icky and awkward: Jokes that Supergirl "looks pretty hot"

Jeremy Renner says it’s "not my job" to help female costars get equal pay

Taylor Swift is really this clueless: The Weeknd details deeply uncomfortable hair-petting incident

Sure Martin O'Malley is getting noticed for his hot bod — but in a culture obsessed with looks he still can’t get the votes

Sad, sexless, lonely: This is the real Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand vision for your life

Our media's context-free zone: "There is much more alarm when Israelis rather than Palestinians are dying"

Gay men buy Viagra, too: We demand our gay ED ad!

The 5 Bill Murray-est moments from Bill Murray's Reddit Q&A

Florida county investigates possibility of establishing common law grand juries to arrest, potentially execute Obama

Dying to work for Amazon: Where's the outrage for the exploited, vulnerable temp workers who make Bezos's empire run?

Donald Trump lashes out at Iowa after new poll shows him losing: "Too much Monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain"

It's time to investigate these clowns: Mendacious lying liars are making a joke of Congress, GOP and us all

Corporate America's unforgivable new swindle: Leveling workers' compensation to nothing

Top Democrat on Benghazi panel lays waste to the politicized investigation in epic opening statement

Israel’s descent into unmasked, right wing extremism: A new generation rises to fight occupation, settler-colonialism, apartheid

The Donald will be the end of Jeb: There's no coming back from his latest assault on W's legacy

"Darth Vader" Swedish sword attacker may have been a far-right extremist

This is what being a woman online is like: "I will be hunting down a chick [who] looks as close as possible to you"

Maine's GOP governor mocks public campaign financing: It's "like giving your wife your checkbook"

They are all complete frauds: Constitutional conservatives? The right's big lie collapses in Benghazi lunacy

The modern horrors of India's ancient injustice: How a government has abandoned millions—and they are fighting back

The creepiest daddy-daughter wedding ritual: Please don't let these "certified" hymen inspections catch on

Marco Rubio just pulled a Kevin McCarthy: Using the Benghazi hearing to campaign against Hillary Clinton

The GOP's war on security: How their climate denialism endangers us all

“SNL"'s Sasheer Zamata mocks clueless white-dude privilege in painfully hilarious video

Laurie Anderson on the American way of dying: "I’ll just clonk you on the back of the head with a brick, put you out so you won’t be there"