August 12, 2016 Archive August 2016

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Police: Miami airport shooting was murder-suicide

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Soylent Coffiest is made out of green tea, people. (It really sort of is.)

Playing the "What if?" game: The alternate reality where Trump vs. Clinton never happens

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It's official — Silicon Valley housing prices set a new all-time record

An Olympic-sized gaffe: This newspaper's apology, at least, gets a perfect 10

Trump "fine" with sending U.S. citizens accused of terrorism to Guantanamo

Morrissey and PETA make their own Pokémon Go, but for vegans: "This game is the biggest social crusade of all"

Real "big government" and "tyranny" in action: The Baltimore police are running amok and conservatives are silent

Sean Hannity fact-check of the week: No, Trump didn't send his private jet to transport "stranded" Gulf War marines

BLM platform blasts "U.S. empire," militarization, war on terror, AFRICOM

High hopes get dashed: The feds reject legalizing marijuana — and take a small step in the right direction

“There's so much shame and stigma”: "Abortion Stories" director Tracy Droz Tragos pulls back the curtain on "super complicated" issue

Clinton taunts Trump while releasing her tax returns: “What is he trying to hide?”

New Spotify Gaming wants to be the musical score to your high score

Ann Coulter needs a dictionary — and so does Donald Trump