March 30, 2017 Archive March 2017

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Trump’s FCC continues to redefine the public interest as business interests

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Trump's innovative solution to climate change: Don't mention climate change

Pump the brakes: A handful of Trump voters are coming to the painful realization that they've been had

"GMO" isn't a dirty word: Genetically modified insects could save lives, but first humans have to be convinced

New election theory: Did "working-class whites" switch from Obama to Trump because the economy was better?

Woosh-wishing through life with Jared Kushner

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"Tear up Texas": How the FBI played a central role in the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil

Taking it to the states: Anti-Trump resistance goes granular with Our States, a map-based organizing project

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Robert Reich: Trump’s technique for dealing with bad news involves a fog machine

Immigration crackdown: Despite defeats in court and deepening scandal, Trump's crusade ramps up on many fronts

Federal judge blocks Trump's travel ban indefinitely

A less obvious aspect of life in America exists: We really do care for one another

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Paul Ryan: Devin Nunes' source is a "whistleblower-type person"

Privacy payback: Protesters want to publish browsing histories of Republicans who voted to strip privacy rights

Donald Trump lashes out at Freedom Caucus as second attempt at Obamacare repeal reportedly falls apart

This is not your grandma’s civil rights strategy: Why the struggle for the next generation of human rights will be televised

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Doctors will have to investigate medical histories of abortion patients under new Arkansas law

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President Trump backtracks on trade, will propose only "moderate" changes to NAFTA

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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback vetoes Republican bill to expand Medicaid

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Democrats have a real chance at taking Tom Price's vacant congressional seat in Georgia

How the Trump administration responds to Democrats’ demands for information: It doesn’t