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Marjorie Taylor Greene doubles down on anti-Semitic remarks: "I have done nothing wrong"

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Narcissism and aggression go hand in hand, study says

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What if latkes were made with asparagus?

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Trump Organization witnesses are prepping for testimony with prosecutors: report

Trump Org. witness says she faces eviction for speaking out about alleged crimes

Moby is happily boring now: "I look at the desperation that I had ... I don't glorify the past"

Survey: Religion, right-wing news consumption are strong predictors of QAnon beliefs

Wisconsin GOP may tap ex-cop who cried voter fraud in 2008 to lead investigation into 2020 election

"Friends: The Reunion" is The One We Could've Lived Without

This puritannical high school yearbook edited student photos, sexualizing girls’ bodies

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Fox News drama: Juan Williams reportedly forced out at "The Five" by co-host Greg Gutfeld