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Amanda Knox's memoir and interview to go forward as planned

Obama appoints first female head of Secret Service

Proposition 8 defenders have gender anxiety

Mormons finally "let women pray"

SCOTUS: No sniffs without a warrant

Venus giant superstorm puzzles astronomers

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D.H. Lawrence's war poems published uncensored for first time

State's Keystone report authors also OK'd explosive Caspian pipeline

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Jon Tester backs gay marriage

Proposition 8 oral arguments: The very best LOL moments

Google tells Sweden that "ungoogleable" is not a word

North Dakota: Abortion's new battleground

Irish Catholics flee the church

When workers die: "And nobody called 911"

"The Place Beyond the Pines": Almost a great American father-son fable

Is Victoria's Secret targeting teens?

Becoming a musician -- again

Supreme Court hears challenge to Defense of Marriage Act

With gun nuts hoarding bullets, will cops be disarmed?

Idea for Supreme Court: Focus on law, not politics

North Korea severs military hotline with South Korea

Woman who helped run CIA torture may get major promotion

Knox case means more scrutiny for Italian justice system

Online spat over spam jams whole Internet

5 religious leaders who became outspoken atheists

Petraeus apologizes for affair with an eye toward what's next

The sniff test

Bill O'Reilly defends gay marriage

Jon Hamm: Quit joking about my junk!

Wal-Mart expects bribery probe to hurt stock

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart mocks Trump, Palin, Bachmann at CPAC

Huckabee: Evangelicals may "walk" over gay marriage

My “hypocrisy” about the Bush daughters

In support of Facebook's sea of red for equality

Planned Parenthood president: Abortion could be heading back to the Supreme Court

Ayn Rand film franchise "Atlas Shrugged" to get a second sequel

FBI pursues greater real-time Gmail spying powers

Tennessee "Don't Say Gay" bill dies, again

Glenn Beck: Bachmann's ethics probe is a plot by "radical Islam"

Kentucky legislature overrides veto of "religious freedom" bill

"Today" anchor comes out as lesbian, announces pregnancy

Bibi and Barack, new best friends?

Gay Tea Party activist denounces gay marriage

Gay marriage's gay holdouts: The progressive who thinks this is the wrong fight

Let's decide the budget ourselves

S.E. Cupp is wrong on marriage, but not why you might think

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Louie Gohmert pulled rank to get out of a parking ticket

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Peabody winners include Newtown and Sandy coverage

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Marcel Duchamp, chess master

Full transcript and audio of DOMA oral arguments

Supreme Court skeptical of DOMA

Cypriots limited to 300-euro withdrawls

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Taibbi: "Three strikes" laws are cruel and unusual

Our impotent Supreme Court