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WSJ continues to make things up about climate science

We are on the verge of a sixth mass extinction

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10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Your Top Plays for Today

Jazz musician Gerald Wilson dies at 96

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Ailing Cher postpones tour stops in NY, NH

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How Apple built the greatest hype machine in the history of the world

Tuesday's Time Schedule

Fox News takes 12 seconds to apologize for making light of Janay Rice's assault

Must-see morning clip: Stephen Colbert mocks Obama for putting off immigration reform forever

House GOP to get pre-election pep talk from Dick Cheney

Steve Harvey hosted a special "Tonight Show" edition of Family Feud with Jason Segel

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"Time is not on our side": Greenhouse gases at record high

Janay Rice responds to domestic violence footage being made public, husband's release from Ravens

Mel Brooks remembers Joan Rivers

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Vigilante justice on the Internet: Drew Carey and Jenny McCarthy's dumb stunt

Sorry, red states: You can't avoid talking about climate change

Mentally ill inmates brutally tortured in Michigan women's prison

Stop airing the Ray Rice footage

Ron Paul to Jesse Ventura on nonviolent drug offenders: "Pardon 'em all"

DiGiorno tweet turns domestic violence solidarity into a promotional opportunity

No one trusts what he says: Why the president's bad faith on immigration is so toxic

Gaza's nightmare isn't over: Noam Chomsky on the bloody history of Israeli "cease-fires"

The left makes its voice heard: How Zephyr Teachout is reminding Andrew Cuomo there are liberal Democrats

"Mini evolution experiments" and the delicious science of beer

AP NewsAlert

New York Times comes out in favor of affirmative consent laws

Workers denied protective equipment because coal ash is "safe enough to eat"

Spotify's Top 10 most streamed tracks

"A steady flow of stupidity": Reality in Ukraine -- and Obama and the New York Times' bizarro parallel universe

Pat Robertson: "Blessed are the fully armed"

Apple Watch unveiled: "We believe this product will redefine what people expect"

We are broken people talking about domestic violence in a broken way

Even Judge Judy has taken pictures she "didn't want floating around"

"It wasn't Ray Rice's fault": The sick, twisted logic of Men's Rights activists on domestic violence

GOP candidate Bill Cassidy says Harry Reid runs Senate "like a plantation"

Ray Rice talks: "I have to be strong for my wife"

Why Obama can't show his rage: Malcolm X, "Key and Peele" and the personal history behind his cautious Ferguson response

Southern secessionist group forming paramilitary unit called the "Indomitables"

U2 releases album for free on iTunes

America's birds are in trouble -- and that's really bad news for us