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Kanye West thinks "racism is a dated concept"

Ball-busters who "kill the buzz": Why the Ellen Pao case is a master class in sexism disguised as "culture fit"

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The right's ridiculous Neville Chamberlain obsession

Quotations in the News

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Paul Krugman: The dollar is getting stronger -- and that's a bad thing

Kathy Griffin leaves "Fashion Police": "I do not want to contribute to a culture of unattainable perfectionism"

Sean Hannity tries to humiliate Ferguson protester in stunningly condescending interview

Humanity's "surprising" climate win: Global CO2 emissions didn't rise in 2014

Hurricane Sandy survivors still don't have homes: "The Daily Show" reports

Chelsea Handler and Nick Offerman appear butt-naked on Esquire's April cover

Someone at the NYPD has been editing Eric Garner's Wikipedia page

Bernie Sanders is increasingly iffy on running for president -- and the reason is thoroughly depressing

Police: Attacker aimed to kill US envoy over military drills

Put a woman on the $20! Campaign aims to replace Andrew Jackson with a "female disrupter"

Harper Lee update: One state agency says the author "seems to be aware" of her book deal

Conservative lawyer: I'll defy marriage equality ruling the same way I'd refuse to hand a Jew over to the Nazis

“Three McConaugheys and a Baby" and more brilliant early sketches and side gigs by the current "SNL" cast

Is this the most awkward "Final Jeopardy" of all time?

“She was human, she was not an experiment”: A pregnant patient's right to die should not be a matter of debate

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Final tweets: What we can learn from these last public statements

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Glenn Beck may quit NRA over board member Grover Norquist's (non-existent) Muslim Brotherhood ties

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Community Discussion: Can nature documentaries change the world?

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First penis successfully transplanted from one body to another

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