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Hillary Clinton comes out against TPP -- but leaves wiggle room: "As of today, I am not in favor of what I have learned about it"

Jay Leno, callous boor: "Take your client and go home. She's only here because she took her clothes off in a magazine after winning gold"

"I'm gonna get expelled?" Yes! The "give me a f**king bacon, jalapeno mac and cheese" kid is booted from UConn

Where 9 GOP candidates stand on pot: The hypocrisy will not surprise you

"Steve Jobs": Michael Fassbender stars in a riveting three-act moral drama -- that has nothing to do with computers

"Putin is the only major leader to utter a few simple truths about the role of the United States in the world today"

Bob Dylan called me a "scurrilous little wretch with a hard-on for comedy"

I hate your kids. And I'm not sorry.

Is this what Bill Clinton meant when he called Donald Trump "the most interesting character out there?"

Dumb as a Trump: These Republicans really are a bunch of illiterates

The GOP may not survive Kevin McCarthy: His speakership is a disaster before it even begins

4 ways women are still getting punished economically for their sex

Bobby Jindal surges in the "hating poor people" primary: The regressive tax plan that's propelling him to the top

Sorry, Joe, but we just don't need you: Biden isn't Bernie Sanders and brings nothing new to the race

Paging Seymour Butts! "Late Late Show" invites presidential candidates Drew P. Weenur, Hold Ma Nuts & more

Trevor Noah takes down zombie Ben Carson: "Slow languid pace, dead eyes, loves brains!"

We'll only listen to John Oliver: The crisis we caused, and we need to help fix

Fox News' sick capitulation to mass murderers: Making gun violence the new normal

Katie Nolan destroys the NFL for promoting "garbage human" Greg Hardy's taunt openly objectifying women

The one racist tweet that says everything about Fox News and how Republicans look at race

Umpqua shooting victim fires back at Ben Carson's vile victim-blaming: "I'm fairly upset"

Bill O'Reilly: Releasing non-violent drug offenders early will lead to rise in violent crime

Dear Ryan Murphy: Please, stop!

One of these people might be the next First Lady or Gent of the United States

5 things you need to know about this year’s Belarusian Nobel Prize Winner

Just don't look at Justin Bieber's junk

John Kasich puts down female student: "I'm sorry, I don't have any Taylor Swift tickets"

Fox News is trying to get you killed: Expert says in active-shooter situations, you "draw upon American indomitable will" and charge gunmen

We mourn for Oregon shooting, but gloss over bombing a hospital: The brain science behind empathy

If the thought of President Ben Carson didn't scare you already, try this: He has no idea what the debt limit is

Piers Morgan is trolling Black Twitter again: "I love my whiteness and your blackness"

Ted Cruz, evil genius: How he's wreaking havoc on Washington & positioning himself as the GOP dark horse

Stephen Colbert: Kevin McCarthy barely knows grammar! He wants to be House speaker??

Toxic masculinity is tearing us apart: Christopher Harper-Mercer, 4chan and the fragility of America's alpha male

The Bay Area's housing disaster: The affluent move in and the rest of us suffer

"I executed 62 people. I'm sorry": An executioner turned death-penalty opponent tells all

"Just plain ignorant and stupid": The New York Times trolls everyone, again, with Nicki Minaj piece

What happened when brave gunman-charger Ben Carson was actually held up at gunpoint?

Daniel Craig would rather "break this glass and slash my wrists" than do another James Bond film

Welp, that was fast! Kevin McCarthy suddenly drops out of Speaker's race

Bernie Sanders is Ayn Rand's worst nightmare: He's changing how we view socialism -- and exposing free market parasites

Memo to progressives: Hillary Clinton is lying to you

It's so much worse than Ben Carson: Grotesque pandering to gun nuts from Republicans who would be president

Lance Bass clarifies sexual harassment allegations: “No one from NSYNC was molested that I know of”

Ben Carson is living in fantasy land: Using the power of positive thinking to defy basic mathematics

Now what? The GOP is screwed -- Kevin McCarthy's exit shows that anyone smart enough to lead will be too smart to want the job

"Kill all the girls. I will. I'm serious": Today's depraved young male threatens to kill cheerleaders

“We have not so much a gun problem we have a problem with sin and evil”: Watch the GOP candidates’ most idiotic responses to the Oregon shooting

This hilarious tweet perfectly sums up the House GOP's tumult

Kevin McCarthy's real crime: He spoke the truth about Benghazi

"Boom!" 5 reasons to love Jeopardy’s new star Matt Jackson

Newsflash: Hillary Clinton is a politician. Why do some pundits find that so hard to understand?