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Pop-up newsstand in Times Square gives nod to city's gritty past

Good news for the Village Voice: The paper's unlikely new 1-percent owner could invigorate the alt-press pioneer

No nipples required: What does Playboy's never-nude future hold?

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"Bridge of Spies": Tom Hanks goes full Jimmy Stewart in Spielberg's flawed but disturbingly timely Cold War history lesson

The Internet is like this toilet: How Reddit and other Web 2.0 communities broke the Internet

There's no need for your morning jog: Smoking pot already gives you a "runner's high"

Quit chasing "passionate millennial males": Their tastes shouldn't dictate what we read and hear

Hillary Clinton comes out swinging at Bernie Sanders on guns: "It's time our country stood up to the NRA"

Capitalism on trial: Bernie Sanders creates fireworks early in the debate

Mike Huckabee's disgusting debate tweet: "Racism exists because we have a sin problem in America, not a skin problem"

Patton Oswalt for the win, the must-read Democratic debate liveblog: "A Vanderbilt heir is grilling the candidates on socialism"

Jim Webb is the biggest loser: Obtuse, petulant, out of touch

Sorry, haters: Hillary Clinton won the Democratic debate

Democratic debate puts GOP clown show to shame: "Makes the Republican debate look like the real kids table"

Donald Trump livetweets Democratic debate with smug self-regard: "Sorry, there is no STAR on stage tonight"

The real reason Hillary Clinton won the debate: No one else was on her level

6 ways America would pay dearly for a Paul Ryan speakership

Black America is being squeezed: How collection suits decimate communities of color

George W. Bush owns this mess: Iraq, Afghanistan and the history we're doomed to repeat

The shocking truth about the Democratic debate: It changed almost nothing

"Ted Cruz smells like gay porn and chin cankles"

Trevor Noah sends GOP right-wing a brutal wakeup call: Paul Ryan is not that into you

Larry Wilmore destroys lunatic Texas gun laws: "So, to be clear, your fake penis isn't OK, but your over-compensation penis is"

This is why Jeb Bush deserves to be losing: His Obamacare replacement is genuinely terrifying

"We had this period of peace and prosperity, and what did we do with it?": Historian Gil Troy reexamines the Clintons and the 1990s

Hillary's debate night was this good: Even Donald Trump admits she killed it

Eddie Murphy passed on the Cosby gag on "SNL 40" because "you're hurting him, you’re hurting his accusers"

The real debate winner was Anderson Cooper: Who knew good journalism still makes for great TV?

Huckabee's stunning ignorance: His "North Korean chef" joke mocks people who are powerless and starved

Paul Krugman bursts David Brooks' fantasyland version of conservatism: "Actually existing conservatism is a radical doctrine"

CNN's Dana Bash fronts for the 1 percent: The debate's worst question came straight from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

David Brooks, still wrong, still spinning: Line by line, the real history his New York Times column pretends away about the right-wing

Huckabee goes full Trump and flops: His desperate debate night Twitter strategy was a disaster

The horrifying lesson of Tamir Rice: White America will use "objectivity" to justify the murder of black children

Just admit Hillary won! The silly sexism of the Fox News/lefty smartypants crowd

Bernie's debate boost: Sanders' campaign says it raised more than $1 million after the Democratic showdown

5 reasons "Girls" haters might love Lena Dunham's new HBO show

8 times Hillary Clinton crushed it during the first Democratic showdown

Bernie Sanders can't win this way: Why his admirable debate performance still can't unseat Hillary Clinton

Miley Cyrus is getting naked again — and so are you, if you go to her show

The world will come crashing down (again): Inside the global debt crisis that America is about to import

The NRA is finally put on notice: Gun shop held liable for illegal gun sale

Freud never said that: 19 of history's most famous misquotes

"Hamilton" at the BET Hip Hop Awards is an epic bonus for superfans

"A bible in my left hand... and in my right hand a Winchester rifle": NRA supporters pledge allegiance to guns

"A modern day minstrel show": The internet slams Ellen for offensive Nicki Minaj parody

Hillary is still the Democrat for war: Her bellicosity toward Iran sounded very dangerous

Donald Trump's latest Instagram is the dumbest attack on Bernie Sanders yet

Piers Morgan ghoulishly trolls the Kardashians over Lamar Odom's collapse: His "dignity and reputation are already dead, shredded at the altar of reality television"

Scientists are furious with the New York Times: Women are underrepresented in STEM "in part because of the sexism and misogyny that this article reinforced"

Bernie Sanders and the mainstreaming of socialism: "The romance of big capitalism is stripped down"