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Growing number of young Western women are joining ISIS

They have no shame: It's confirmed, Fox News lied egregiously (again) in its latest Benghazi "bombshell"

Ted Cruz's junk science: GOP candidate denies climate change while citing debunked data and touting his inherited math skills

Blaming Beyoncé and pop stars for crime? Ted Cruz backs insane theory that female sexuality causes violence

Nigella Lawson nails the smug #CleanEating trend: "People are using certain diets as a way to hide an eating disorder"

Muslim civil rights group's D.C. office evacuated by police after receiving "foreign substance" in mail

Citadel suspends eight cadets for wearing KKK-like white hoods to sing Christmas carols

No, Trump isn't the next Hitler: But his real historical comparison is still scary

Ted Cruz’s mean streak: How his "likability" campaign faces different battles than Hillary's

"We will not be silent": American Jews hit the streets during Hanukkah to fight Islamophobia and racism

Cut it out, Democrats! Why Trump vs. Hillary isn't the miracle you seem to think it is

"This is a dark, feminist, f*cked-up, romantic comedy": Rachel Bloom celebrates her first Golden Globe nod for "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Sex strikes, like the one in "Chi-raq," can be powerful motivators -- at the very least, they're great for publicity

What can we learn from the Greek defeat? The global struggle against austerity reaches the screen

Welcome to Trumpland, Maine: What this small city tells us about the new politics of fear

10 things you can buy that show just how diseased America's gun culture really is

Jesse Watters attempts to mock patrons of the arts, accidentally reveals how irrational his party's anti-refugee fear-mongering is

Thoughts and prayers will never be enough: Why the church can't stop gun violence

These engineers, comedians and doctors had a major impact on American culture — and sorry Trump, they also happen to be Muslim

First Lady Michelle Obama made a hilarious rap video with "SNL"'s Jay Pharoah

Donald Trump is just this destructive: Why his incendiary rhetoric is making the world a more dangerous place

Arnold Schwarzenegger's shockingly reasonable climate-change plea

Scalia's raging hypocrisy: Encroaching senility, raging racism, or does he no longer give a f*ck?

Wait, Ted Cruz wants to nuke ISIS?

Donald Trump's racism is as American as apple pie

We asked people what they thought about Trump’s ban on Muslims and some of the answers are predictably shocking

Donald Trump "has gone way over the line": Hillary Clinton unloads on Trump, NRA, more, in revealing Seth Meyers interview

Trevor Noah just perfectly explained our sick gun culture

We're all in this together? Tell that to the big players at COP21 in Paris

Donald Trump is an agent of chaos: Why the GOP's plan to defeat the billionaire is bound to backfire

"Extremely inappropriate": The Supreme Court and the sneaky plot to kill affirmative action

Paul Krugman: Fascists like Trump only possible because Republican leadership is "inbred and out of touch"

All-White jury convicts white Oklahoma City cop of raping 13 black women

"Fox & Friends": Interest in season two of "Serial" just as salacious as wondering why "Jeffery Dahmer killed and ate somebody"

Terrifying: Spike in threats and intimidation on women's clinics, activists and doctors by extremist anti-choicers

The heartbreaking truth about Daniel Holtzclaw's rape convictions: "I didn't think anyone would believe me. I'm a black female."

Watch Carly Fiorina explode at CNN's Chris Cuomo for refusing to allow her to continue to lie about Planned Parenthood

Pat Buchanan supports Trump's "common sense" Muslim ban: "Where have all the Christians gone?"

Jon Stewart plays Trump in riotous reunion with Stephen Colbert

Daniel Holtzclaw's conviction feels good: For once, a privileged, powerful rapist doesn't get away with it

Watch: Former officer Daniel Holtzclaw sobs and shakes uncontrollably as he's found guilty of raping 13 women while on duty

Are they serious? Donald Trump is nothing like Jimmy Carter: Here's why the right-wing meme about the Muslim ban is complete lunacy

Bret Easton Ellis goes on a misogynist rant to defend his buddy, accused rapist James Deen

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham proposes ban on all immigration, boasting "I guess I'm even worse than Trump"

Ben Carson throws a temper tantrum, threatens to leave the GOP