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Jeff Sessions collected "rent" from oil drillers on his wildlife refuge-adjacent property

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Judge rules that Trump's "vague and simplistic" tweets are protected by First Amendment

Jeff Sessions has bad news for Dreamers: Trump plans to throw DACA immigrants to the wolves

Trump voters were scared: Increasing diversity might make Americans more xenophobic

Judge won't dismiss lawsuit over alleged NSA Olympic spying

Senators join forces on legislation to punish Russia

Back in the saddle: Report says Gitmo transfers want to rejoin fight

White supremacist Dylann Roof sentenced to death for Charleston shooting

My log has something to tell you: David Lynch waxes surreal for Showtime

Here come the bathroom police: Alabama is going after Target by tapping attendants to monitor trans-inclusive restrooms

Remembering Octavia Butler: "This country views people like Butler and like Oscar as aliens and treats people like us like we’re from another planet"

Mucky intent makes "Taboo" a questionable proposition

Softballs for Jeff Sessions: Fireworks fizzle at first confirmation hearing for Trump's Cabinet

Law of the jungle takes over: How Hindu supremacy is poisoning the Indian military

Searching deep and dark: Building a Google for the less visible parts of the web

Cord-cutter alert: YouTube's Unplugged could be right around the corner

Sorry, Trump voters: Those factory jobs aren't coming back — because they don't exist anymore

The Obamacare merry-go-round: Repeal, delay, replace, repeat — where it ends, nobody knows!

WATCH: “Vaccines prevent death” — Cardiologist says Trump’s vaccine doubts are harmful

Charleston shooting victims' families: Forgiving Dylann Roof doesn't mean sparing his life

Donald Trump denies unverified report that he collaborated with Russian government during and before the campaign

"We are all in this together": Watch President Obama's moving farewell address

One more shot? Alabama NAACP refuses to back down after Jeff Sessions' office lashes out

Preemption nation: Trump, Congress could halt state action on climate

WATCH: Daughter of kidnapped American journalist reveals how the abduction tore her family apart

Donald Trump's new Russian scandal: We don't know how much is true — but we know James Comey behaved shamefully

Deficits don't matter (again)! Paul Ryan promotes Congress' upcoming spending binge

"Nothing's been confirmed": Kellyanne Conway denies unverified dossier on "Late Night with Seth Meyers"

Donald Trump reportedly taps anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to lead a commission on vaccine safety

Coretta Scott King in 1986 letter: Jeff Sessions would "irreparably damage the work of my husband," Martin Luther King Jr.

The amazing saga of a high schooler’s painting illustrates the petty partisanship in Congress

New report suggests Donald Trump's debts are $1.5 billion higher than previously indicated

Donald Trump's billionaire Cabinet delayed: Confirmation hearings of four nominees pushed back for further vetting

President Obama is considering commuting the sentence of leaker Chelsea Manning

Kellyanne Conway dismisses salacious Russian dossier as "nonsense from the internet"

Donald Trump's divestment plan: Trump business will pursue U.S. deals, but not foreign ones

Call it "pulling a Trump": You don’t actually have to be winning — just look like you are