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No deal for the arts: It's no surprise that Donald Trump wants to tell the arts and humanities "you're fired"

No one wants to be wrong: Why each side of the partisan divide thinks the other is living in an alternate reality

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Poker for girls: In New York's male-dominated world of underground poker, I found my true strength

Trump's "war with the media" raises questions of trust

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10 Things to Know for Monday

US lawmakers call for action on Venezuela food corruption

Trump staff, properties face terror risk with presidency

Dear journalists: Are you the people’s tribunes or mere props decorating the scene for horrendous monologues?

Don't be China, be us: Reviewing the latest collective "wisdom" of the U.S. Intelligence Community

The next Nixon: Trump snubs ethical norms, sets up potential presidential scandal

Rural America could suffer from Obamacare appeal

McDonald’s could get some relief from Trump-appointed labor regulators

Not renewable: Bill would ban utilities from using renewable energy

So, how did you like President Trump's first few days? Pretty awesome, right?

Lawsuit: Donald Trump needs to stop accepting payments from foreign leaders

Jerusalem mayor: Donald Trump is "serious" about moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem

"You really can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth": NBA coach Gregg Popovich slams Donald Trump, praises Women's March

Welcome to Trump's America: Felony riot charges against inauguration protesters signal alarming wave of repression

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Donald Trump will not release his tax returns at all, Kellyanne Conway says

Swamp stench: Donald Trump's White House is still littered with political insiders and lobbyists

John McCain isn't sure he has confidence in President Trump

Donald Trump's "running war" on the media undermines trust

Marco Rubio is the only public holdout on secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson (update: Rubio says he'll vote for Tillerson)

"He's never going to admit he's wrong in front of everyone": President Trump's aides are worried about his behavior

No more nerds, sex bombs: Female animators draw away clichés

The new national debate: Is it ever OK to punch a Nazi?

Donald Trump's national security adviser is reportedly under investigation for contacts with Russia

Man shot during protests at Milo Yiannopoulos speech in Seattle

"The Last Jedi": Title, logo for "Star Wars: Episode VIII" is released

CIA officials have mixed reactions about President Trump's speech during his first visit

Pope Francis warns against populist leaders "like Hitler" in interview given during Donald Trump's inauguration

President Donald Trump's first executive order called a "bomb" by one health care expert