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Democrats elect civil rights lawyer as nominee for US House

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Hooking up as a core requirement: Casual sex in college isn't optional anymore, "it's an imperative"

WATCH: Sex on campus makes college kids feel inadequate

You are what — and where — you eat: From the Lanford Inn seafood buffet to those "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" organic strawberry donuts

Blowing smoke: Tobacco giant uses Al Sharpton, other black leaders to combat menthol restrictions

"You just killed the weed man": Adventures in buying (legal) pot

US withdraws stay request in transgender bathroom case

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Romania rising: Populism by different means and without ugliness

What’s next for Standing Rock? Sioux tribe is calling on people to flood Capitol Hill in March

Trump's supporters believe a false narrative of white victimhood — and the data proves it

Our man in the Middle East: The confusing worldview of Trump aide Derek Harvey

One nation, under cops: 3 reasons to believe America could become a police state under Trump

A white nationalist fantasy: Donald Trump's America is not "made for you and me"

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Finding love in a hopeless place: Why Tinder is so "evilly satisfying"

Why disasters repeat themselves: We ignore the lessons of the past at our own expense

An independent California isn’t that wacky of an Idea

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Are the Grammys really about good music? Sometimes, but not often enough

Shoot first, ask questions later: The destructive downside to America's cult of DIY personal security

Look Again: The week's most compelling images from around the globe

Look Again: The week's most compelling images from around the globe