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“Not going to back down”: Vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says President Trump is committed to a "vaccine safety" commission

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President Trump implodes in unhinged 77-minute press conference

Republicans bar Hispanic lawmakers from meeting with ICE

Little Caesars founder paid Rosa Parks' rent for 11 years

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"Are they friends of yours?": Trump asks black reporter to set up meeting with Congressional Black Caucus

Melania Trump is not enjoying her new life as first lady: report

"Other people scare me. Monsters are not real": “XX” is a 4-segment horror anthology directed by women

Is YouTube sensation PewDiePie really a Nazi? His intentions matter less than his effect

Revealing patterns: It was just going to take some time, now the truth can be gleaned

"It's gallows humor": Canadian actors on writing comedy in the Trump era

'Day Without Immigrants' protests being held across US

Congress protects coasts from climate change with mud

Anti-Muslim conspiracists escalate campaign to crush Muslim Civil Society organizations

Scott Pruitt may sound reasonable on TV — but Trump's EPA nominee is essentially a climate change denier

How will native tribes fight the Dakota Access Pipeline in court?

Trump's blatant cronyism turns to national security: The president taps billionaire investor to overhaul the spy agencies

Jason Chaffetz is still investigating Hillary Clinton's emails

Donald Trump's chaotic press conference was pretty much a last-minute decision

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President Trump's family is living large — and American taxpayers are paying for it

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Trump supporters loved his press conference, cheer his combative stance with the media

America’s always had black inventors – even when the patent system explicitly excluded them

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Donald Trump defends his press conference by citing a positive review from Rush Limbaugh

Rex Tillerson, State Department, have been sidelined by President Trump

Trump weighs mobilizing National Guard for immigration roundups

Jared Kushner complained about CNN to vice president of Time Warner, the network's parent company

Republicans are creating legislation that would weaken Endangered Species Act

White House staffers dismissed for failing background checks

Even Maine Gov. Paul LePage thinks President Trump needs to take charge of his administration

"Morning Joe" reveals the secret panic of GOP lawmakers after Trump's unhinged press conference

White supremacist in South Carolina arrested after plotting a Dylann Roof-style terrorist attack

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Republicans rush to confirm Trump's EPA nominee Scott Pruitt after federal judge orders release of fossil fuel emails