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Los Angeles is spending $300,000 so its sheriffs deputies can be decked in gold accessories

State Department rewards reporter who wrote Tillerson fluff piece with sole seat on his flight to Asia

Hackers hijack major Twitter accounts to send messages with a swastika and Nazi references

Cloudy vision: Jeff Sessions wants to revive Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign with a renewed focus on weed

Donald Trump's Mexican Border wall is happening, and he's taking Texans' land for it

Regular sex at home makes a good day at the office even better

"This Is Us" ends a moving season full of loss with an episode that's catching grief

Dying, with a lifetime of literature 

WATCH: The Dutch Donald Trump could be the Netherlands' next Prime Minister

WATCH: Babies bombard BBC interview

Federal judge blocks President Trump's revised travel ban

Washington city sues big pharma for letting Oxycontin flood black market

Brexit Backlash: Why Scotland’s elites want to try again for independence

Curbing climate change has a dollar value — here’s how and why we measure it

GOP apologetics hide the real "health care" agenda: Cut taxes for the rich, punish the poor

Bad boy gone worse: Is Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes flirting with a dangerous fringe?

The surge delusion is dangerous in the “go big” military era of Donald Trump

Trump doubles down on Obama wiretapping claims, tells Tucker Carlson that "wiretap covers a lot of different things"

Trevor Noah slams Paul Ryan's new health care bill: "This is the crap you've been hyping for 7 years?"

Trump's Medicaid assault: Now he's gutting a social program he promised to protect

WATCH: Chimpanzees are "our slaves," says animal legal rights lawyer

Nixon nostalgia trip: Trump's administration already recalls the worst of Tricky Dick

Donald Trump says court ruling against second immigration and travel ban makes America "look weak"

WATCH: John McCain says Rand Paul is "working for Vladimir Putin," Paul calls McCain "unhinged"

President Trump's budget proposal includes big cuts to these social programs

Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka swore a lifetime loyalty oath to a Hungarian pro-Nazi group: Report

Seattle synagogue hit with hate graffiti, but leaves it up to spark discussion

WATCH: Samantha Bee has only one question after Steve King's latest scandal

Enjoy these videos of nuclear explosive tests

Trump adviser Roger Stone fears that a "suspicious hit and run" incident in Miami meant someone was targeting him

The butcher's bill keeps coming due: Donald Trump's Hannibal Lecter budget cannibalizes his own supporters

"Dead on arrival": Republicans rail against President Trump's budget

Businesswoman tied to Chinese intelligence paid $15.8 million for a Trump condo: Report

Global warming denier James Inhofe says the Environmental Protection Agency is "brainwashing our kids"

How a private water company brought lead to Pittsburgh’s taps

Rep. Steve King says he won't be punished for saying, "We can't restore our civilization with someone else's babies"

The Wall Street White House: Trump hires fifth Goldman Sachs staffer to the administration

"Oh, I know that": President Trump shrugs off the devastating impact repealing Obamacare will have on his base

Trump's absurd budget priorities: Single mothers apparently need bombs more than Big Bird

Michael Flynn was paid $45,000 to speak at a celebration for Kremlin media outlet RT: Report

California congressman describes anti-gay visitor who violated LGBT pride flag

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