Marc Spitz

Marc Spitz's book on rock and roll cinema, "Loud Pictures," will be released by Dey Street Books/Harper Collins in 2017.   Follow Marc Spitz at @marcspitz

Chris Cornell
Salon's final Chris Cornell interview: "Living in the moment, feeling out what’s possible" Marc Spitz
Steve Jones
"Oh yeah, I've done lots and lots of therapy over the years and I got sober": Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones' memoir Marc Spitz
No Sleep
"No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999" chronicles night life in the city when night life meant something Marc Spitz
The sound of New York rock: "Something that comes from the streets, and sounds like the streets" Marc Spitz
Matt Pinfield
Matt Pinfield's insane rock life: Catching up with the "short, bald, chubby guy from Jersey" who ruled MTV's golden age Marc Spitz
An American Werewolf in London
"Stay off the moors!": John Landis' "An American Werewolf in London" is a modern horror masterpiece Marc Spitz
Madonna; Macy Gray; Miley Cyrus
MTV's VMAs and me: A music writer's long journey from wow to meh Marc Spitz
Don Henley
My end-of-summer ritual: Deciding when it is safe and appropriate to play this quintessential August song Marc Spitz
Slash Covers
Expand your punk knowledge: Slash magazine collection will school you on the '70s L.A. scene Marc Spitz
Shirley Manson has outlived the haters: "The business got very fat and lazy and was full of people who didn’t even care about music" Marc Spitz
Peter Tork
"The Monkees songbook is maybe the third-best": Peter Tork claims the bronze—right after the Beatles and the Stones Marc Spitz
Boz Scaggs'
Every day is Record Store Day: In praise of the one album you can always find in the used vinyl bin Marc Spitz
John Doe
X's John Doe gets spiritual: "I believe in things that you can’t see acting on the way things turn out" Marc Spitz
Girls, David Bowie, Vinyl
Is there life after "Life on Mars?": David Bowie's death has made this ubiquitous song so painful to hear Marc Spitz
Patti Smith, Jeff Buckley, Bob Marley
13 monster hits that suck by artists you love: "This is a jam for Guy Fieri-catered deck parties" Marc Spitz