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Saving psychology

Kim Dotcom's Mega to offer encrypted emails

Conservatives and liberals drink different beer

Colorado school bans 6-year-old transgender child from girls' bathroom

Dark days for Apple

Ben's right: Marriage is work. That's not necessarily a bad thing

Conservatives turn on CPAC

Are NFL hopefuls being vetted for their sexuality?

States seek "ag-gag" laws to silence farm whistleblowers

Bob Woodward demands law-ignoring, mind-controlling presidential leadership

BP exec admits knew of "big risk" of explosion

Married mission to Mars or: How to lose your spouse in 501 days

"Prometheus" actress confirms sequel is underway

Morrissey bashes Jimmy Kimmel!

Stone Temple Pilots fire Scott Weiland

California lawmakers call out the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for sexism

Pentagon agrees to publish Manning rulings

N.H. GOPer: "A lot of people like being in abusive relationships"

Bret Easton Ellis working on new novel

Club For Growth hunts for "RINO" challengers

My backup mom

"Stoker": A pervy American Gothic gets lost — and even weirder — in translation

"The bulk of my life is boring and lame and painfully single, but I've had wild, exciting adventures"

Chris Christie is no moderate

Transgender student sues Baptist university that expelled her

Iranian government confiscates passports of "Closed Curtain" crew

China says U.S. hackers target its military websites

Pope recalls "joy," difficulties in final audience

Must-see morning clip: Tina Fey tells David Letterman about her life post-"30 Rock"

Doomed sequester bills await Senate vote

Most New Yorkers oppose stop-and-frisk

U.S. boosts aid to Syrian opposition

"Law & Order: SVU": Dick Wolf has fatherly advice for Rihanna

Homeland security offers anything but

The next Todd Akin

U.S. offers Syrian rebels $60 million of new aid

How to do outrage

Hooters' not-so-"awesome" ad campaign feeds on fat-phobia

Watch "Zero Dark Flirty"

Virginia governor's race exposes GOP civil war

Are we less safe?

Can naked breasts make important political points?

Steven Spielberg to head Cannes jury this year

Emails emerge in Woodward threat-gate

Amnesty now!

Pro-wrestling and the Tea Party, together at last

I just solved the sequester!

Manning offers his plea

Ai Weiwei and his porcelain crabs storm North America

Obama has until midnight Thursday to weigh in on Prop 8

House passes Violence Against Women Act

How the Sinaloa cartel "won" Mexico's drug war

Arkansas bans abortion at 20 weeks

The British drink even more than they thought

Previously confidential report reveals intense labor dispute on the set of "The Hobbit"

Senate committee postpones work on gun bills

Scalia’s ugly racial cynicism

Openly gay Mississippi mayoral candidate's body found, homicide suspected

Texas school employee shot in gun safety class

Did Entertainment Weekly spoil the ending of "Oz the Great and Powerful"?