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Esther Williams dies at 91

Senate nixes both parties' student loan plans

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Ohio approves budget to defund Planned Parenthood, rape crisis centers

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David Talbot starts Open America: "The only way to keep power honest is to keep its operations visible"

Twitter comic prodigalsam: I did not plagiarize Patton Oswalt, others

The bogus Tesla backlash: What if the Internet saves the middle class?

Lena Dunham: "I get so tired of having to cry out 'misogyny'"

IRS official apologizes for lavish spending

Turkey's prime minister calls for end to protests

Guards detail sexual harassing prison from hell

Jonah Lehrer scores book deal

Big Data arms Big Brother

Hollywood sexism is somehow getting worse

Dear Sunday shows: Book Wyden, not McCain

Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" send-off

Must-see morning clip: Gary Busey's commencement speech

As senator, Obama wanted to curb data collection he now defends

U.S. economy adds 175,000 jobs

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Job growth not fast enough

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