September 22, 2015 Archive September 2015

Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams, marriage of convenience: He regains relevance, she collects alt-cred with his covers of "1989"

The most bizarre political scandal of the decade: Why has David Cameron been accused of, um, defiling a dead pig?

Scott Walker to quit presidential race after stunning fall: New York Times report

"They're guilty by association": American armed forces "look the other way" as Afghan soldiers rape children

Do people look at you and think "angry, distant, mean"? You might be suffering from RBF

Stop calling Pope Francis progressive: You might love his pastoral style, but don't fool yourself on Vatican substance

The most L.A. love story ever: Why we scattered our mother's ashes in Clifton's Cafeteria

The despicable backlash against Ahmed Mohamed: It's nothing new for white America to see the gifted "other" as its greatest threat

Jesse Watters, lowest of the low: 7 times Fox News' biggest creep crossed the line

Is America ready for a Jewish president? The anti-Semitism facing Bernie Sanders

Bill O'Reilly is "killing" American history: The latest installment in his fact-free fantasy series

The pope's new holy war: Why fossil fuel executives should be very, very nervous

The GOP's absurd anti-Pope crusade: The bizarre spectacle of Republicans turning on a religious leader

Ted Cruz can't lose: Why the brewing Planned Parenthood shutdown fight can only help him

Democrats' great debate over debates: What's really at stake in their internecine fight

The looming threat to democracy: How congressional inaction could put your vote at risk in 2016

CEO Martin Shkreli defends his company: Life-saving pill whose price was increased 5,455 percent is "still under-priced"

Ben Carson still on the defensive: Muslims can run for president — so long as they denounce Islam

Scott Walker's messianic parting message: Christlike governor says he died for the party's sins

"America isn't ready for a Muslim president": Chris Hayes discusses Carson's anti-Muslim sentiment

Conservatives who hate the pope rush to his defense: White House's papal guest list like "an open bar at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting"

Larry Wilmore gets Bernie Sanders to describe why his policy platform is "on fleek"

Martin Shkreli on his "altruistic" motives: "I'm a capitalist — I want to create a big drug company"

Matthew Weiner might give us a "Mad Men" followup sooner than we think: "I'm about five or six months pregnant"

Terrorist plot to blow up Lady Liberty foiled by her tattoos: National security thriller "Blindspot" borrows from "Alias" and "Orphan Black" for an action-packed debut

"He was 'Dead Man Walker' for the last two weeks": political analysts not surprised by Scott Walker's dropout

De Niro storms out of "The Intern" interview, tells reporter "I’m not doing it, darling"

"Martin Shkreli is the Donald Trump of drug development": Why even a biotech exec agrees Turing's pill price-gouging is "even skeevier than you think"

Scott Walker never stood a chance: Why this awkward, Koch-backed Midwesterner was outrageously overrated

Donald Trump goes on late-night Twitter rampage against Bill O'Reilly & Fox News: "I am having a really hard time watching"

Fox News vanquished the GOP establishment: Stop looking for an adult in the room -- it's Trump & Carson's party now

Colbert's Ted Cruz (calm and fair) smackdown: How "The Late Show" is triumphing with even-handed intelligence in these polarized times

"Killing" history: Ridley Scott and National Geographic to produce another of Bill O'Reilly's thinly researched hagiographies

Trevor Noah on "Daily Show" diversity, P.C. outrage and racism: “America suffers from a level of institutionalized racial segregation”

Sinister visions of America in crisis: Hollywood finally gets foreclosures right in "99 Homes"

The GOP's venomous Pope tirades are the ultimate example of hypocritical right-wing rage

Terrifying new poll: Nearly 1 in 3 Iowa Republicans thinks Islam should be illegal

Scott Walker's glorious fall: How the man who couldn't lose lost very badly -- and what it could mean for Marco Rubio

Ta-Nehisi Coates to pen year-long narrative arc for Marvel's "Black Panther" comic in 2017

Azealia Banks hurls homophobic slur at flight attendant in airplane luggage spat

Marco Rubio slated to attend fundraiser at Hitler art collector's home on Yom Kippur eve

People are demanding #FreedomForKesha: Here's what accusing a powerful producer of rape has cost her

Brian Williams' not-so-triumphant return: Why his new MSNBC gig could prove how far his stock has fallen

Amy Schumer's massive book deal: Further evidence that she's the reigning queen of comedy

Dalai Lama says a future female Dalai Lama "must be very attractive, otherwise not much use”