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This is Netanyahu's horror: "An open unleashing of raw racism that has always been a part of Israeli society"

Bill O'Reilly's lapdog Jesse Watters complains about being kicked off campus after he started randomly hitting on undergraduates

The perfect "attack" ad to take down Ben Carson: "If Donald Trump says he's going to stab someone, he does it"

Stephen Colbert gives 2016's weirdest candidates an epic sendoff: "American voters didn't give 2.5 milif**ks"

"Come on, I'm going to get you up": South Carolina high school "resource officer" brutally attacks student for sitting while black

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Marco Rubio always has his hand out: Big-dollar donors keep him in the style he prefers

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This was Bernie before Bernie: Remembering the heroic late senator Paul Wellstone, 13 years after the plane crash

Ted Koppel exposes the biggest threat to national security you haven't heard about: "The government has no plan"

Obama's stunning reversal on standardized testing: Why his latest comments could spell doom for "reformers"

White America will ignore this video: The hideous & predictable violence of our schools, our legal system, our society

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Rachel Maddow confronts Bernie Sanders over past opposition to marriage equality: How are you any different than Hillary Clinton?

Yet another Yi-Fen Chou: Secret white guy "Jesús Ángel García" apologizes for adopting a Latino pen name

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Don Lemon destroyed by CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin for pretending to be a journalist again: "Are you guys kidding me?"

Climate change is real — and it is threatening the existence of 314 bird species

Saudi Arabia executes people over drugs while its princes are caught with tons of drugs at the airport

Paul Ryan's phony "attack" on John Boehner: The incoming and outgoing Speakers have a for-show disagreement

"The Republican Party should have tried to clone him": Tina Fey pays touching tribute to her late father

More Fox News sexual harassment: Jesse Watters takes "The O'Reilly Factor" back to its infamous loofah days

Black Friday is the worst: Shopping is ruining Thanksgiving — but at least one retailer is pushing back