December 29, 2015 Archive December 2015

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Aggrieved Christians attack Sarah Silverman for tweeting like she's ... Sarah Silverman

No charges: Grand jury refuses to indict policemen in fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice

Longtime GOP senator lets Donald Trump have it: "There’s an audience for this self-proclaimed great man, and for the anger and hatefulness that he expresses"

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A nutrition writer's big fat PR mistake

"Rahm failed us": Calls for Rahm Emanuel to resign reach fever pitch as Chicago cops "accidentally" kill black mother of five

Bristol Palin's hateful hypocrisy: She's now a mother of two, but still the biggest child in the family

Behind the Ronald Reagan myth: "No one had ever entered the White House so grossly ill informed"

Bed death, U-Hauling, processing: Lesbian stereotypes abound -- here's the story on 7 of them

Best TV of 2015: The best scenes, one-liners, little details and single moments that defined the year

I hated not being white: The lies I told just to fit in haunt me still

My child is not in heaven: Your religion only makes my grief harder

"Mad Max," "Jessica Jones," "Star Wars": 2015 was the year women reigned geek culture

My feminine, compulsive "sorry": I apologize for everything from having an opinion to taking up space

We're wearing T-shirts on Christmas. So what happened to the polar vortex?

Welcome to the "1099 economy": The only things being shared are the scraps our corporations leave behind

The NBA vs. the NRA: League commish, stars like Carmelo Anthony and Stephen Curry, make brave push against gun violence

Warren Buffett is a phony: Every liberal's favorite billionaire is actually cut-throat, not cuddly

Why Sarah Silverman is scary: It's the cultural power of celebrities that drives conservatives insane

Bernie Sanders' hippie 20s: Drugs, free love and Vietnam!

They're already trying to steal 2016: Inside the GOP voting-rights scheme intended to derail democracy

It's time to call foul on the cruelty of beauty pageants: Trump may not own the Miss Universe pageant anymore, but his dehumanizing worldview permeates all beauty pageants

Larry Wilmore declares war on Bill Cosby

More Americans were killed in Christmas weekend storms this year than in Islamic extremist attacks since 9/11

The awkward Gowdy-Rubio alliance: The Benghazi committee ringleader endorses the establishment darling

Richard Dawkins is being pilloried as an "Islamophobe" for not wanting to discuss "winged horses" with devout interviewer

Kesha's horrifying nightmare -- and the Adele comparison from Sony that goes way beyond acceptable

Lemmy Kilmister lived the ultimate 70 years of sex, drugs and rock and roll

Until White America looks at Tamir Rice and sees their own children, there will be no racial justice in the U.S.

Ethan Couch, the ultimate mama's boy: Mom won't keep affluenza kid out of jail this time

Donald Trump is the bloated narcissist the Christian right has been searching for all along

Conservatives lose it over Joss Whedon: He's always been a feminist, so why are they acting surprised he backs Planned Parenthood?

Ben Carson doesn't want to win: His campaign is all about cashing in — and that's the problem

Star Wars will crush us all: Here come more blockbusters, more culture disguised as action figures

Message for Donald Trump: Being good to your daughter doesn't give you a pass for treating other women like trash