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UPDATED: 2 explosions rock Istanbul airport, killing at least 28

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The sunset of the Benghazi "scandal": Endless GOP investigations and no smoking gun

The Trump Recession: He's linked himself to potential economic calamity with Brexit stance

New York's police secrecy law: de Blasio fights to keep NYPD abuse records from the public

Clinton and Warren: It might be exactly the right ticket at the right time

David Brooks: Americans today "are easy prey for fact-free magical thinking" from "demagogues who blame immigrants" for all their ills

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NRA props up Trump's flailing campaign with multi-million dollar Benghazi-themed ad buy

A cultural evolutionary explanation for the not-so-surprising Brexit outcome

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Rights groups: Suspend Saudi Arabia from U.N. Human Rights Council over war crimes

Hillary Clinton trounces Donald Trump in poll of seven swing states

The Internet is just embarrassing today: #HeterosexualPrideDay twists solidarity of LGBT+ Pride