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Great Barrier bleach: Mass bleaching is hitting world's largest coral reef system

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Budget Office blows up Trumpcare: GOP's health care plan would leave tens of millions uninsured


Wealth and health: House plan to replace Obamacare "has Republican DNA"

Utah set to establish nation's lowest threshold for drunk driving

Sean Spicer: Reporters should "trust" President Donald Trump "if he's not joking, of course"

Removing our chance to react: NOAA sea grant cut could slow climate adaptation

Top 11 inspiring and oddball comics to keep your spirits up while resisting and persisting

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Trump's "American carnage": The president plays military man around the world

“American Anarchist” contends with the deadly impact of a writer’s words

Boaty McBoatface takes to the sea for its maiden voyage

POLL: Should all states follow Utah's example by lowering the threshold for drunk driving to 0.05 percent?

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Deconstruction zone: Doubling down on dystopia, preventing the triumph of Trump’s will

Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore stays on as denomination struggles to adapt

Blizzard of '17: Nada Surf's "Blizzard of '77" is comforting catharsis in the face of snow day melancholy

Americans are growing more secular all the time — which is one reason why Trump voters are so angry

Is Preet Bharara trying to tell us something?

Obamacare architect slams Republicans' American Health Care Act as a "scam"

What hospitals waste: Why is the nation’s health care tab sky-high?

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance on Trump scandal: "As close to Benedict Arnold as we're ever going to get"

Frightbart: A virtual stew of menace, a pit of monsters, an unending onslaught of apocalyptic horsemen

Behind the prosecutor purge: Jeff Sessions, Preet Bharara and echoes of GOP scandals past

WATCH: In Trump country, Bernie Sanders says GOP health care bill "is not health care legislation"

Trump may give the Pentagon more power to launch drone strikes

Newt Gingrich slams "corrupt," "dishonest" Congressional Budget Office

"Wayne Tracker": As ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson used an email alias for discussing climate change

Trump's White House hasn't turned over information about the president's wiretapping claims

Breitbart releases audio of Paul Ryan saying he will "not now, not in the future" defend Donald Trump

"You, sir, shut up": Texas Republican congressman erupts at constituent during town hall

An increasingly connected world needs hackers more than ever before

WATCH: "Is that a bomb in your backpack?" — Bullying against Muslim students on the rise

The House health plan: Here’s how the numbers don’t add up for the poor

SCOTUS makes it rain: Most of the big money behind the 2016 election directly resulted from Supreme Court decisions

Pat McCrory, who signed North Carolina's HB2 bill, can't find work because people think he's a "bigot"

Rep. Steve King predicts a coming race war in a radio interview, says he will continue to talk about race

Feud: Susan Sarandon on "Ray Donovan"

Where do those snowfall totals on the nightly news come from?

Blizzard or not so much, you're home now, so revisit the Seinfeld episode that launched a million Stellaaaaaaaas: “The Pen”

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Defense Secretary James Mattis just learned the White House doesn't have his back when it comes to choosing staffers

Marco Rubio complains about Snoop Dogg's music video that features Donald Trump dressed as a clown