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Federal money for state-level Zika tracking, prevention may end this summer

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NRA's "killology" expert calls for more guns to fight an "assassination generation"

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Who’s faking, Trump or the news?

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Tomi Lahren tells Playboy she wants to be a race warrior

Dallas cop who killed Jordan Edwards has been fired

Justice Department lawyers claim laughing at Jeff Sessions is a criminal act

Abortion clinics in Texas haven't reopened, and it's causing real damage to real women

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Trump was "directly involved" in trying to root out tweeter who posted embarrassing pics of his inauguration crowd size

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Ben Carson is worried that public housing is too good for poor people

Donald Trump doesn't care about health care — or anything else: He just wants a "win" after so much losing

In spite of Trump's lobbying ban, transition staffers are now registering as lobbyists

Republicans are close to killing overtime rules, allowing "employers to cheat workers" of pay

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