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Montana GOP congressional candidate accused of body slamming reporter — one day before special election

The alt-right is furious at Trump for his foreign trip

Yet another video shows U.S.-funded white helmets assisting public-held executions in rebel-held Syria

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How Trump's budget would gut the economy: Massive cuts to Medicaid and food stamps will have devastating ripple effects

Psychiatrist Bandy Lee: "We have an obligation to speak about Donald Trump's mental health issues. . . . Our survival as a species may be at stake"

Marijuana could be salvation for American blue collar workers

The internet won’t let Armenia go away

Comey's handling of Clinton probe was influenced by a strange Russian document

Electric cars becoming popular as grid gets greener

Montana GOP candidate reeling from blowback after body slamming Guardian reporter

Fast-moving cholera outbreak in Yemen furthers the destruction of a war-torn nation

Donald Trump simply can't be trusted: His brag about nuclear subs is only the latest example

Tom Perez trounces GOP health care bill after CBO score: "unmitigated disaster"

WATCH: As the economy shifts, how do we pivot? 2 experts give tips on negotiating

Jeff Sessions says he was advised not to mention Russia meetings

Trump's meeting with Emmanuel Macron doesn't look like it's going well

Ben Carson argues that poverty is just a "state of mind"

Please let there be an Al Franken-Ted Cruz feud developing

Greg Gianforte's clash with Ben Jacobs was entirely predictable

"We didn't have a course on bodyslamming": Republicans, conservative defend Gianforte

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke got police to detain passenger who questioned him on flight

Guess who George R.R. Martin compared to "Game of Thrones'" Joffrey

More information comes out on Manafort, Page, Flynn connections with Russia

Trump gets a "chilly reception" at NATO after telling world leaders to pay "their fair share"

A deal with Buzzfeed and Vox may have just created "Facebook TV"

Joe Lieberman won't be Donald Trump's FBI director

New GOP health care bill not just unpopular, it's a liability: poll

The brilliant film “Star Wars” wiped from our collective memory

Virginia federal appeals court bans Trump's second Muslim travel ban

Rogers Ailes offered Rachel Maddow a job at Fox News, with a catch

Manbabies cry digital tears over women-only "Wonder Woman" screening

The GOP’s war on the press explodes into full view

"We can’t hide behind a wall": Obama preaches tolerance with German Chancellor Merkel, defends "international order"

WATCH: Why teens "trying to figure out the world" embrace the new film "Everything, Everything"

“War Machine” not a movie for the Trump era, but alas it has Netflix

Newsweek's "Bachelorette" fiasco: Twitter leads online attack against black reporter for writing about interracial dating

"I don’t understand this situation at all": Easter egg hunting in "Twin Peaks"

GOP strategist admits he colluded with Russian hackers to hurt Hillary Clinton, Democrats

FBI homes in on Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner in Russia probe