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Michael Rosfeld charged with criminal homicide after fatal police shooting of Antwon Rose, Jr

Joseph Jackson, father of pop culture icons Michael and Janet, dead at 89

Trump renews feud with Maxine Waters after getting riled up by Fox & Friends

One of the reddest states in America just voted for a very progressive medical marijuana initiative

Supreme Court delivers a crushing blow to unions — and the struggle for wage equality

Workplace deaths are rising. Trump-era budget cuts could make it worse

Why you should use Tableau to analyze and visualize data

Yes, abortion rights are seriously at stake with Anthony Kennedy's retirement

Get these Apple AirPods alternatives for just $25

The View’s Meghan McCain demands empathy for Muslim ban backers

Another Supreme Court seat: Another big win for Mitch McConnell and the anti-abortion movement

Planet of refugees: Children make up more than half of the displaced

Stephen Colbert bemoans Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement: "We are supremely screwed"

The truth about family reunification: Many children separated by Trump will never be reunited

On "Today," Megyn Kelly preaches about civility. At Fox News, she sowed deep divisions

Fox News is freaking out over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's victory

Former Fox News exec Bill Shine, ousted over harassment scandals, said to be joining White House

Chris Matthews flips out, demands Democrats block Trump's SCOTUS pick: “It’s Chuck Schumer’s job!”

Anthony Kennedy's feeble farewell to Donald Trump: Please don't use the power we've given you!

"GLOW" returns to Netflix with an excellent season 2, right when we need it

Satellite images show Trump may have been duped: North Korea expanding nuclear facilities

At least 5 dead after shooting at Maryland newspaper, suspect in custody

"Fear kills freedom": New study shows political rhetoric fuels bigotry against Muslims

ICE whistleblower interrupted by federal agents during TV interview

There’s a simple way to neutralize Janus — if state legislators have the will

Melania Trump returns to the border—without the jacket—to visit migrant children detention center

Japanese spacecraft arrives at Ryugu asteroid, ready to bring samples back to Earth

Virginia Republican has a meltdown over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory

"We're seeing a creeping rise of autocracy": Rob Reiner sounds the warning on Trump and truth

Sean Hannity already blames Democrats for Gazette shooting

As Trump celebrates Foxconn factory groundbreaking, no mention of the company's grim labor history