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The Tea Party is beating Mitch McConnell

Why are gay men and straight women friends?

"Les Miserables" returning to Broadway after film's success

Johns Hopkins gynecologist accused of illicitly filming patients is found dead

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Instagram image suggests Palestinian child as IDF target

U.S. drones killed more Afghan civilians in 2012

Do campaigns still work?

Tracy Morgan responds to Alec Baldwin's racially charged rant

Missouri GOPer uses gun control legislation as target practice

Russian lawmaker's body found in cement-filled barrel

Southern poverty pimps

Even in retirement, the pope gets immunity

Simpson and Bowles release lame "Simpson-Bowles" sequel

American inequality: Worse than Europe

Hackers who hit Facebook also struck Apple

David Cross comedy "It's a Disaster" to premiere on Vine at "4:30-ish" EST

Kelly Clarkson: Clive Davis is "spreading false information"

Tea Party Patriots says Rove-as-Nazi email was a "mistake"

Micro-drones will "hide in plain sight"

North Dakota Senate passes "personhood" bill granting legal rights to fertilized eggs

How Paul Krugman broke a Wikipedia page on economics

Conservative offers $10K for plan to overtake GOP establishment

Emory board stands behind James Wagner

Drug overdose deaths up for 11th consecutive year

Lord of the engagement rings

Do characters express theme?

When prostitution wasn't a crime

Making Mitch McConnell pay

The coming Rand Paul-Ted Cruz brawl

Iran protests Berlin film festival organizers

Bloomberg: "Nobody's sleeping on the streets" in New York City

Obama plans sequester media blitz

Robin Roberts returns to "Good Morning America"

David Cameron defies Smiths ex-guitarist, Johnny Marr

Must-see morning clip: Al Madrigal investigates our "constitutional right" to ride manatees

Detective in Pistorius trial: "I believe he knew that Reeva was in the bathroom"

GOP Rep.: Men can handle violence better than women

A new low for Breitbart

"New Girl" tests the "Moonlighting curse"

Justin Bieber castration plot tape released

HBO says no to James Gandolfini

Mentally disabled man granted last-minute stay of execution

Mitch McConnell fooled by Onion-style article

Dick Cheney and Laura Bush plead support for marriage equality

World peace should be a priority again

5 lessons from the horse meat scandal

Texas city to start charging for first responders

Who opposes an anti-trafficking law?

Lawmaker poised to be first-ever GOP co-sponsor of marriage equality bill

Sex surrogacy is my calling!

Ken Burns wins legal battle against NYC over "Central Park Five"

Jesse Jackson Jr. pleads guilty

Our wage theft epidemic

Ted Cruz: I’m being silenced!

Gay man attacked on NYC subway while other riders looked on