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Brazil faces issues around racism despite image

Please teach sex ed in schools so that teens can tell Steve Doocy to shut up about birth control

Republicans' impeachment-mania: How it achieves a subtler, dangerous end

Twitter feels sorry for Brazil after Germany crushes the World Cup host

Elephant cries when rescued after 50 years of captivity and abuse

Tom Perrotta: "My protagonist was too nice a guy for a dark tentpole drama on Sunday nights"

Richard Linklater: "It fit my personality to be collaborating with the unknown future"

From infrared cameras to headboard mics: The defining sex scenes of reality TV

Bay Area governments make big electric-vehicle buy

Key findings in AP nuclear missile corps probe

Your Top Plays for Today

5 terrible life tips for women courtesy of Fox News

Which fast-food chain makes the worst burger in the U.S.?

Robert Reich: The 1 percent would benefit from a smaller share of a rapidly growing economy

Far right's border paranoia: How to deal with a party of lunatics

“It was degrading”: Terry Richardson and the nasty sexual harassment loophole

Mexico's cartel-fighting vigilantes near Texas border

Guillermo Del Toro plans "Pacific Rim" follow-up for the big screen and beyond

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AP Sportlight

Pat Buchanan: I don't see a single GOP candidate who could beat Hillary

Wednesday's Time Schedule

Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon rolled down a mat and it was pretty cute

Pilot buys pizzas for passengers grounded by storm

David Letterman walks out while interviewing Joan Rivers

Merge Records shares new documentary and never-before-heard covers by Superchunk and others

New Greenwald bombshell: NSA spied on 5 politically active Muslim-Americans

Is there a "trend" of children being left in hot cars?

"All my ladies scream!": Robin Thicke's strange post-"Paula" performance at the Wireless Music Festival

Obama visit to Denver gets really weird

There's still an easy way to get contraception from Hobby Lobby -- but it's NSFW

Visit the border, Mr. President: The real reason it's the right thing to do

Buzz Aldrin describes the "magnificent desolation" of the moon and other fascinating aspects of space to Reddit

Explore One Million Options for Your Next Vacation Rental

Jeff Bezos offers authors a bribe

Kirsten Powers calls Bill O'Reilly out: "I’m so tired of your mocking"

Ben Carson's coming takeover: What Tea Party's new star means for 2016

Palin's impeachment blast: A great opportunity to call out Republicans' bluff

Cupcakes not dead!

Dinesh D'Souza's paranoid nightmare: Everything is a vast conspiracy against him

Claire McCaskill released her report on college sexual assault, and the findings are grim

George R.R. Martin: It's offensive when people ask me if I'll finish the series

A party that won't be saved: GOP dead-enders and "reform conservatives" duke it out

An apple a day keeps the doctor away -- and leads to better sex

Beetee has a message for President Snow in second "Mockingjay" trailer

"Extant" is Halle Berry's post-Catwoman comeback

Here's a 72-minute trailer for a 720-hour movie, "Ambiancé"