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Climate scientist drops the F-bomb after startling Arctic discovery

Watch the 10 best television blooper reels of the past 20 years

Romance novelists do not know what fisting is

Beyond parody: Facebook conservatives are making "Benghazi" their middle name

Toledo Blade: Schools shouldn't conduct sexual assault surveys because "embittered" students will lie about rape

Netflix boss: More "Arrested Development" coming

Ann Coulter refers to Africa as "disease-ridden cesspool" in victim-blaming Ebola rant

Students can now major in video games at New York University

Laura Ingraham says hormone therapy for transgender kids is "child abuse"

Government employee suspended from her job for posting nude selfies

Man drunkenly drafts petition to have "Weird Al" Yankovic perform at the Super Bowl

"Of course I'm not a prostitute": Laura Kasischke and Yannick Murphy on first-person, genre fiction and parenthood

Murder in the Hamptons: "The Maid's Room" tells a dark tale of inequality and immigration

After the genocide: What's next for Gaza and the hope for Middle East peace?

Murakami's understated triumph: What Japan's most celebrated writer knows that American novelists don't

10 Things to See in Sports: AP's top sports photos

Summary of gay marriage cases before appeals court

275 households told to flee Oregon wildfire

How the AP-GfK poll was conducted

7 more goofy products that aren't worth your cash

White supremacist regrets failing to start a racist revolution

When Freedom Summer landed in White America's living rooms

Tea Party's last chance: Can it topple Lamar Alexander today?

Campbell Brown's transparency problem: Why won't she say who funds her "ed. reform" group?

"Like seeing a house on fire in slow motion": The painful destruction of the Great Barrier reef

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America's clueless terrorism crusade: Why our watch lists are such failures

This discovery about female sexuality will make conservatives' heads explode

Iraqi officials: Suicide car bomb hits Baghdad police checkpoint killing at least 12 people

Researchers: We've tripled the oceans' mercury levels

Must-see morning clip: Watch Wu-Tang Clan take over "The Daily Show" and perform new music

Rush Limbaugh's third-grade nightmare: Introducing his new civil rights curriculum

Stephen Colbert destroys Rand Paul with the "Rand Paul-eo diet": Run away from DREAMers

Ebola update: Experimental drug is in demand, CDC issues highest-level alert

"Apparently kid" could replace Sean Hannity one day, observes Stephen Colbert

Mike Huckabee: Obama is “worthy of impeachment” because he’s “acting like God”

Christina Hendricks slams workplace sexism in "Mad Men" parody

Porn production is actually fleeing L.A.

The ethics of curing Ebola

Lou Dobbs: Obama should have noted white Ebola victims “were in Africa caring for thousands of black people”

Grain lower, livestock lower

Kanye West fears paparazzi drones could electrocute his daughter

Return of the blacklist? Cowardice and censorship at the University of Illinois

GOP's lame Uber strategy: How Grover Norquist thinks they can sway millennials

Someone crashed a drone into Yellowstone's largest geothermal hot spring

GOP laughs off defeated clown: Party tells Chris McDaniel to go away!

More FitBits for your lady bits (and man bits too)

5 clips of Larry David "acting": Or, what we can expect from the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star's Broadway debut

Charles Koch's affront to MLK: How a right-wing tycoon got horribly confused

SundanceTV's "The Approval Matrix" wages a weird battle against political correctness

McDonald's summer camp seems to be thinly veiled child labor

GOP wimps suddenly fear social issues: How tables turned on religious right

New study reveals the secret to winning over climate deniers

Tea Party nut's telling tantrum: What Justin Amash's victory speech revealed about GOP

Joan Rivers has more terrible things to say about Palestinians: "You deserve to be dead"

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Women could learn to cope better with unwanted sexual advances -- or men could stop making them

Deputy was texting while driving before fatally colliding with ex-Napster exec riding bike

Oklahoma GOP Gov. Mary Fallin tries to distance herself from outrageously racist flyer

Here's one thing to thank Facebook for

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on his growing unpopularity: It's Obama's fault!