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Jane Goodall on the power of the viral animal video

Study: Voters want equal pay and family leave, might even vote for lawmakers who do too

Should Pluto regain planet status? A Harvard science historian thinks so

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Bring back the "bleep": How prestige television killed my favorite TV trope

My affair with my teacher ended a decade ago

Heinrich Himmler, family man: Why "The Decent One" is the most haunting documentary I've ever seen

5th Circuit gives the green light to restrictive Texas abortion law

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Quotations in the News

Chris Matthews vs. Obama: How the president lost one of his top supporters

Atheism's shocking woman problem: What's behind the misogyny of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris?

The clearest proof we'll ever get that our planet is falling apart

Paul Krugman schools the deficit maniacs who keep “getting it wrong”

Unemployment rate falls below 6 percent as employers add 248,000 jobs

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart blasts GOP over hypocritical fear mongering

"Every lie and dirty trick": Why Scott Walker is so terrified of Mary Burke

Stephen Colbert: "Fox & Friends" has Ebola!

Ebola update: NBC cameraman tests positive for disease

Stephen Colbert reveals what Wealthmericans do to avoid normal people

“Another Wall Street smash and grab”: Washington Post employees slam owner Jeff Bezos

Politico's dopey climate denial: Global warming might be fake because Neil deGrasse Tyson did something dumb

Most liberals aren't ready to push Ruth Bader Ginsburg off the bench -- yet

Sarah Silverman's most embarrassing "SNL" memory: "It made me cry"

My kid doesn't like books and it's okay

GOP unveils new "policy" agenda: Make economy good! Have fewer bad things!

"The Daily Show" destroys Fox News' non-solution to unwanted catcalling

America's plan to save the world from asteroids was apparently inspired by bad action movies

Why are Americans spending more and more on snacks?

Midterms Digest: Karl Rove plans huge ad blitz to wrest control of Senate

Exclusive: John Crawford supporters to protest at Walmart today

The Alex Jones of the U.S. Senate: Why Rand Paul is still just a conspiracist nut

Nate Silver unloads on Princeton rival in blistering critique

GOP's bizarre new plan to reach women: Hype its support among whites?

Community Discussion: How should we handle climate migrants?

Andrew W.K.: "I went on Fox News because I've always wanted to see what was in that building"

America's warped new reality: Botched intel, inept Secret Service, deadly bombs

McAuliffe aide's terrible, inept quid pro quo

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5 simple ways to "age-proof" your body before it starts breaking down

Lindsey Graham 2016: The president America so desperately needs!

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Joni Ernst exposed: Newly unearthed document shows just how extreme Tea Partier is

World hand-milking champion hounded by doping allegations

David Perdue's "terrorism" assault: The predictably pathetic state of Georgia's Senate race

Chilling: West Virginia police lieutenant suspended over Ku Klux Klan video