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Trevor Noah is more than his worst joke: Yes, it's possible to talk about those tweets without losing perspective

"Daily Show" co-creator sounds off on Trevor Noah: "When you tweet it, make sure you can back it up"

Stephin Merritt, "mean" book judge: Why his merciless reviews ruffled so many literary feathers

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Facebook even tracks people without accounts, according to terrifying report

Stephen King slams Indiana's anti-gay "religious freedom" law in the best way possible

Trevor Noah fires back: Controversial tweets are "not a true reflection of my character"

Business Highlights

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Dominatrix in a Tea Party town: Confederate flags, pickup trucks -- and now me

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Bill Cosby is not sorry: Under a Nelson Mandela portrait, the accused rapist delivers bizarre jokes to his die-hard fans

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America's "Elizabeth Warren denial": Why everyone still pretends she's running for president

Adult Swim's "China, IL" creators on their oddball academic satire: "We try to lay some firm bedrock to build this house of sh*t upon"

Neil deGrasse Tyson defends Scientology: "They don't distract me"

"Daily Show's" Aasif Mandvi strikes back at Trevor Noah critics: "Much ado about nothing"

Kentucky Gov.: Same-sex marriage ban isn't discriminatory since it also applies to straight people

"An enormous amount of profit and greed": Former SeaWorld trainer condemns the shocking exploitation of captive whales

Rick Santorum's brilliant plan to revive his presidential dream: Ditch the sweater vest!

Sutton Foster's Gen-X panic sitcom "Younger": How "divorced and 40" became the new "kept in a bunker for 15 years"

New video explains why your mouth smells like garbage

Ted Cruz and our cynical "Walking Dead" politics: "He's a complete charlatan, you know"

Grain mixed, livestock mostly higher

Republicans' 2004 problem: Why they still can't get right on gay marriage

Report: Egypt, Nigeria led world in death sentences in 2014

EPA takes on superweeds: New restrictions target Monsanto's Roundup herbicide

Arkansas governor says he won't sign "religious freedom" bill in its current form

Joe Scarborough defends the rights of florists to refuse to work a same-sex wedding

Texas wingnuts want to cut millions for HIV prevention to fund more abstinence education

Patton Oswalt's late-night Twitter essay: "Welcome to comedy in 2015, Trevor Noah"

Thanks, corporate America, for shaming Mike Pence! Now here's a reality check

Tucker Carlson lashes out at critics of Indiana's anti-gay law: "These are jihadis!"

"The end of the world": Why America misunderstands ISIS -- and what you really need to know

Nevada lawmaker who believes cancer is a fungus calls for "straight-up castration" of pimps

GOP's "transformational" hype: The danger in overselling Rubio's political appeal

"If there are any homosexuals nearby, God cannot hear your prayers": Conan O'Brien absolutely destroys anti-gay Indiana law

Ben & Jerry's unveils charoset-flavored ice cream in time for Passover

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"They" is not an acceptable substitute for a real gender-neutral pronoun

California's in crisis mode: Gov. Brown announces first-ever mandatory water restrictions

Michele Bachmann compares Obama to pilot who deliberately crashed Germanwings plane