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Kraft Mac & Cheese to no longer be as toxic as it looks

Shakeup at newspaper that reported on corruption in police-shooting case

Ross Douthat's "red pill" garbage: How his take on privilege is just a defense of the powerful

Every time someone got stoned in "Broad City" — in 4 minutes and 20 seconds

Veteran who posed with American flag in Playboy arrested for stealing American flag

"Sorrow everywhere with nowhere to go": Elizabeth Alexander on losing her husband and writing through grief

Jason Sudeikis on his "SNL" days: "I clearly don’t have closure with my experience"

The career assassination of Cornel West: A messy intellectual divorce reveals layers of broken heart -- and to what end?

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali is hurting Islam: Why her radical reformation is in desperate need of reform

10 egregious myths the religious perpetuate about atheists, debunked

Detroit is in foreclosure: Why the Motor City is on the brink of a new kind of disaster

Robert Reich: America's "flexible" economy is making workers' lives hell

The government's bogus PATRIOT games: Why latest spying "reforms" won't do much

Obama's deal with the devil: The dangerous treaty that has him teaming with the GOP

The right's new Clinton obsession just went mainstream: How a sketchy Hillary "exposé" hooked the New York Times

10 Things to Know for Today

Hillary is playing progressives for fools: Why you shouldn't believe her populist talk on trade

Roseanne Barr on Hillary 2016, the two-party system and the war on drugs: "I'm way past that bulls**t"

Chris Matthews slams racist GOP dogwhistles: Republicans act like their "base is wearing sheets"

Jon Stewart announces the date of his final "Daily Show"

Chris Hayes puts Judy Miller on the hot seat: "You don't think this is a disaster?"

Glenn Beck's bizarre "Walking Dead" freakout: Why won't Americans watch horrific ISIS executions instead?

Jon Stewart blasts Chris Christie for shameless marijuana hypocrisy

Chimpanzees recognized as "legal persons" for first time in history [UPDATED]

Men's rights activist to Fox News: Men need to avoid marriage at all costs

Dueling "Bachelorettes" season promising 50 shades of "cray" -- and plenty of tears

Bill O'Reilly & Megyn Kelly have weird on-air tiff over Playboy-posing veteran

Fox News' latest weird Scott Walker spin: His crappy clothes make him the anti-Mitt Romney!

John Travolta tells Scientology critics to "read a book!"

"I’m f**king pissing up a rope in this f**king business": This MLB manager's tirade is a swear-words masterpiece

Meet the "real-life Kermit" just discovered in Costa Rica

"Rape is good fodder for comedy": Amy Schumer makes a case for the feminist rape joke

John Stamos unveils plans for Netflix's "Full House" reboot

"They’re ruining our children": Alabama Supreme Court justice compares gay marriage to segregation

Finally, a Democrat who calls "bulls**t": Martin O'Malley drops a profane truth bomb on GOP's deranged economic policy

America's big criminal justice lie: What one cop's acquittal reveals about police violence & Rekia Boyd's death

Kanye reveals what's really behind his "crazy person" rants

Steve King's creepy GOP primary plan: Stalk down all the candidates to make sure they will "restore the soul of America"

Bill O'Reilly's inequality disaster: Fox News' loudest pundit makes a complete fool of himself on taxes

"My vagina's right where it should be": Amy Schumer makes David Letterman supremely uncomfortable

You Must Hear This! Fairfield Parlour's "Aries"

Kochs defeated in Montana: 6 lessons the country can learn from this rural Western state

170-year-old champagne tastes like wet, cheesy hair

Rick Santorum finds a new, completely nonsensical object of hate: President Obama's "secular theocracy"

Enough with the Christie comeback hype: Why there's no reason to get carried away just yet

Lena Dunham responds to anti-Semitism controversy: Jew jokes were an "essential" part of family life

From tragedy to farce: The GOP primary shows the rapid collapse of American democracy

William Shatner's insane plan to solve California's drought: A $30 billion pipeline from Seattle

Stop arguing, parents: Yet another study says there's no link between vaccines and autism

What Lena Dunham and Meryl Streep have in common: 5 major stars making Hollywood a better place for women

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