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Louisiana Democrats to try to repeal law that allows creationism to be taught in public school science classes

Here's how cities would look without famous landmarks

"Calling Obama a 'global George Zimmerman'? No. No.": Michael Eric Dyson sounds off on Cornel West, Obama & his critics

Happy Earth Day! Scott Walker informs 57 environmental employees that they're about to lose their jobs

Scott Walker is now toast: The crazy move right that cost him the Koch brothers -- and probably the nomination

In the wake of "50 Shades of Grey," what's even better than sex? Ridiculous sex

Oh no, my favorite band is a girl band! A refresher on how not to write about women in rock

"Rolling Stone has a lot to answer for": Jon Krakauer on campus rape, victim backlash and why "Missoula" was the hardest book he's had to write

Dark secrets of the sex robot: Alex Garland talks A.I., consciousness and why "the gender stuff" of "Ex Machina" is only one part of the movie's big idea

House panel is told of slavery in Thai seafood industry

Explore: The Carlyle

4 horrific sex-related injuries

The GOP doesn't want you to retire: Why the party will regret its latest gambit

Cops are the terrorists in our neighborhood: On Freddie Gray, another victim of police brutality

The government's chilling surveillance analogy: Like George Zimmerman spying on your Internet

"A lonely place for a person to lie": Why this lesser-known trial on marriage equality is so important

Megyn Kelly lashes out at feminist "buttercups" who need to "toughen up"

Sean Hannity called out for Islamophobic questions: "Shame on you for asking every Muslim what he thinks of terrorism"

Fox News' hilarious climate denial: Global warming isn't real because Bill Nye flew in a plane

Jon Stewart rips Fox News host Dana Perino's show right to her face: “Tell the dumb guy I said hi"

Jon Stewart slams America’s extreme legal hypocrisy: Teachers get jail time for cheating, bankers who “nearly broke the earth” walk free

Cornel West responds to "character assassination" by New Republic: "Deep integrity must trump cheap popularity"

"This is a witch hunt!" Fox News' pundit says Dr. Oz is the target of a grand "conspiracy"

John McCain is literally laughing at Rand Paul: "The worst possible candidate of the 20 or so that are running"

Clint Eastwood claims he didn't threaten to kill Michael Moore, though "it isn’t a bad idea"

Alabama GOP's new plan to shut down abortion clinics: Treat them like sex offenders

The alarming rise in man-made earthquakes, mapped

Dr. Phil is baffled by Bruce Jenner's transition: "He's kind of past his prime -- what's the point?"

Obama hammered by Twitter over drone statement: "When brown civilians die, it's business as usual"

Elizabeth Warren slams Obama for "rigging" secret trade deal to benefit corporate lobbyists

"Balls in your mouth": Russell Crowe's weird, embarrassing Jimmy Fallon singalong

Scott Walker's destructive war on education: Let's judge Tea Party politicians by the same dumb standards

Rush Limbaugh's ridiculous food freakout: "The Nanny State wants all of us to start eating stale food!"

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"Avengers" stars act like America's grossest frat bros in cringeworthy interview: "She's a complete whore" (UPDATED)

Ben Affleck's slave-owning ancestor: The compelling American story we weren't allowed to see on "Finding Your Roots"

Tennessee GOPer opposes exemptions to antiabortion law because rape & incest claims are "not verifiable"

Groupon recalls unspecified quantity of condoms because they might be full of holes

Police union throws a self-pity party in Baltimore: Freddie Gray protesters are a “lynch mob”

Dr. Oz "will not be silenced," of course: The self-aggrandizing showbiz doc defends himself against attacks

America's gross political process gets even more obscene: How Jeb Bush is killing campaign finance law

Steve King wants to save the Constitution from gay marriage — by ignoring the Constitution

GOP's corrupt, bigoted bargain exposed: How Bobby Jindal let the mask slip

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This little girl told Michelle Obama what everyone else was thinking: "You look too young for a 51-year-old!"

"You are entitled to this”: The real reason Amy Schumer's rape culture takedown is so perfect

The National Review's police-state hypocrisy: Ferguson protesters deserved it, but Scott Walker probe crosses the line

Marco Rubio's cynical gambit: Why his slippery stance on immigration is a win-win

Sandra Bullock's People cover: Media boggles that beautiful 50-year-old is called "beautiful"

China urges people to stop hiring strippers for funerals

Chris Rock: Baseball is dying because its fans are whiter than the Ferguson PD