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Our post-Snowden TV paranoia: "Homeland," "Quantico" and privacy inside the surveillance state

I flipped my "psycho switch": The surprising rage and fury I felt in the cage with mixed martial arts champions

Babies ruined my orgasm: How trying to have kids sucked all the pleasure out of sex

"I think I remember saying no": The sexual assaults were harder to get over than my drinking

One third of vegetarians eat meat when they're drunk

Campbell Brown's insidious new lie: Charter schools, dark money and the war on teachers' unions -- and your kids

"Die, son of a whore!" "Give him one in the head." This is what it sounds like when Israeli security kills Palestinian kids

Bernie has a "socialist" problem: He's no wild-eyed radical, but it's rough out there for a socialist

Larry David saved Bernie Sanders: "SNL" impression made him human, likable -- after a rough debate with Hillary Clinton

Ted Cruz's dad has a very sketchy resume: Rafael Cruz's credentials are exaggerated, at best

The Democratic primary's ugly truth: Hillary vs. Bernie doesn't matter until we change our electoral system

Paul Krugman has Bernie's back: "Hard to imagine a better refutation of anti-tax, anti-government economic doctrine"

Eddie Murphy returns to stand-up with blistering Cosby impression: "You may have heard recently that I allegedly put the pill in the people's stomach"

Donald Trump is a new breed of demagogue

Jake Tapper stuns Jeb Bush: If your brother is blameless for 9/11 why is Hillary Clinton responsible for Benghazi?

Fox News' Brian Kilmeade coaches Donald Trump to redirect his 9/11 assault away from George W. Bush and towards Bill Clinton

You can date this Don Juan of the New York City subway while you wait for your train

The 5 best moments from Tracy Morgan's nostalgia-fueled “SNL” return

Jeb Bush is on a kamikaze mission: Trying to destroy Donald Trump, he's only destroying himself

No Haitians need apply: Horribly racist help wanted ad sparks outrage, investigation

"Your walls will never cage our freedom": Black-Palestinian solidarity video goes viral

They want America to fail: The Tea Party far right hates the GOP -- and their own country

Ebony's controversial Cosby cover prompts polarizing responses: "This is not creative or expressive journalism, it's slander"

Fox News has egg on its face: Now will other hosts follow Neil Cavuto & apologize for "terror expert" fraudster?

"Half-human, half-demon/goat/alien beings": Check out National Geographic's 10 craziest creatures spotted on earth

Hot Chip covers Springsteen's "Dancing In the Dark" with the most amazing retro '80s video ever

America's dumbest governor appoints creationist as education commissioner: Today in Tea Party lunacy

John Oliver to Canada: Arrest me. "Canada is America’s next-door neighbor. Stephen Harper is her dickhead boyfriend"

Stop cheering for the old "Hands off my daughter!" shtick

He's always been a jackass: I read Donald Trump's favorite book — his own — so you don't have to

Fox News anchor: Oops, sorry we let that fake CIA con man spread right-wing myths for 13 years!

"Oh my God, I just shot myself! I just got my conceal and carry"

Meet the South's latest Confederate-flag loving jackass: Elected official says "It has nothing to do with race or anything"

The Bush brothers vs. Donald Trump: Guess whom the right is siding with in the latest GOP civil war

Ted Cruz hates the Constitution: The right's religious warriors are an affront to our secular democracy

Donald Trump is destroying Jeb Bush: Why his 9/11 gambit could be the last straw

Hillary Clinton isn't even the nominee -- but a GOP congressman is already vowing to impeach her

"Don’t vote for Ho Chi Chin": Racist signs smear Maine candidate challenging welfare-shaming mayor

Ted Cruz's dangerous game: Is he a power-mad "GoT" Littlefinger, or completely clueless to the damage he'll cause?

"Thomas Jefferson never said that!": John Oliver shames Clinton, Reagan and the Tea Party

5 worst right-wing moments of the week -- Ann Coulter gets humbled on national television

"This is not what a rapist looks like": How this student's defensive rant misses the point about sexual consent

Trey Gowdy's hurt feelings: Benghazi fraudster flails as his farce flops

Jeb Bush is completely toast: Donald Trump and Jake Tapper just ended all White House dreams