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America's latest round of anti-immigrant racism has some disturbing historical parallels

Processing atrocities like Paris, from afar: "When you start losing control of your curiosity is a good time to stop"

A plea to my fellow Bernie comrades: It's time to start taking left-wing sexism seriously

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When trolling crosses dangerous lines: This writer's selfie transformed into a terrorist portrait shows how far online abuse can go

CNN reporter grills Ted Cruz over his anti-refugee stance: What would have happened to your father?

Bobby Jindal finally drops out of presidential race

Ben Carson shocker: Even his own advisers admit he's dumbfounded on foreign policy

Spotlight on CBD: We know marijuana can be helpful for sex, but what about sexual anxiety?

Ronda Rousey's fall from grace: From America's brash sweetheart to punch line in only one knockout

So much for youth apathy: Student radicalism escapes the '60s at last

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Barack Obama is Tyrion Lannister: The "Game of Thrones" theory that explains eight years of demented dysfunction

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Bernie Sanders is spot-on: What he gets right (and Peggy Noonan gets wrong) about the link between climate change and terrorism

"If you want to see 'angry feminist,' I will show it to you": "Captain Marvel" writer opens up about the backlash against the new Carol Danvers

Obama mocks "tough" GOP candidates for pants-wetting rhetoric about "three-year-old orphans"

America's anti-immigrant rage is reaching a fever pitch: Why it's time to get very nervous

Be very, very afraid: Megyn Kelly talks to former terrorist who predicts attack on US soil within two weeks

David Vitter's desperate last stand: He throws his wife under the bus -- again

John Kasich's bizarre new plan to defeat ISIS: Beam Judeo-Christian messages around the world

Unscientific Fox Business News viewer poll confirms it: Trump's plan to close mosques wouldn't "gut core American values"

NRA fail: More than 2,000 people on terror watch list have legally purchased guns in the last 10 years

Elisabeth Hasselbeck urges Obama to embrace "good-natured" American "bigotry" and turn away Syrian refugees

Stop talking, Rose McGowan: Nobody gets to tell Caitlyn Jenner how to be a woman — or how to break "stereotypes foisted upon us by people like you"

People's Sexiest (White) Man Alive: The first and last time People honored a man of color, Bill Clinton was in office

Jesse Eisenberg is not funny: Please, New Yorker, stop publishing his ham-fisted attempts at humor

Charlie Hebdo's war on despair: "They have weapons. F*ck that sh*t. We have champagne!"

Stop gloating over Charlie Sheen's "hookers" and hook-ups: HIV isn't punishment for promiscuity or sex work

Let's all chill out about the Colorado poll: No one is electing Ben Carson president