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The stupid party swallowed Bobby Jindal: Why his campaign was doomed from the start

Good riddance, Bobby Jindal: Louisiana's disastrous governor gets the comeuppance he deserves

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"What's next? Hotties of the Holocaust?": Even Daily Caller's own readers agree the "Syria-sly hot" refugee list is disgusting

Bernie Sanders puts Wall Street on notice: "On day one, I am appointing a special committee to investigate the crimes on Wall Street"

#JeSuisChien, the latest sign racist westerners care more about dead dogs than dead humans

19 cops descend upon black woman suspected of breaking into her own apartment

With "Cabs, Camels or ISIS," Thomas Friedman officially becomes a parody of himself: Can't a New York Times columnist do better than this?

America's xenophobic rush: Elected official calls for refugee internment camps, majority of Americans now want to slam the door

This is America in the age of decay: How we became a civilization dominated by racism & rage

This is why they hate us: The real American history neither Ted Cruz nor the New York Times will tell you

"The most heinous thing I have ever heard": One Kansas woman's ordeal over the use of medical marijuana

"Master of None" co-creator Alan Yang on writing himself into cheerful Brian and his family's powerful immigrant story: "All that stuff happened to my dad"

No, really, I'll only vote for Bernie Sanders -- and Paris helps explain why

Katniss meets the new boss: The Tea Party, the Bolsheviks and the "Hunger Games" finale

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The acts of terror we won't acknowledge: America's official story of a hospital bombing keeps changing

5 horrible, sexist things the patriarchy demands of men

Tom Cotton's repugnant Paris fear-mongering: Why his new surveillance legislation should have you outraged

The dangerous limits of American empathy: Why do we need reminding that a refugee could be "the next Steve Jobs"?

Let's mock Bobby Jindal one last time: An attention-seeker with no clear message abandons one of the worst presidential campaigns ever

Jeb's new Iraq war: Continuing the family tradition of bloody Middle East quagmires

"I'll take my chances with the brain tumor": Larry Wilmore devastates Ben Carson's Geography-gate debacle

Don't let Donald Trump win this argument: Democrats must push back forcefully against anti-refugee xenophobia

"President Obama has been a cottage industry for racist imagery and racist memorabilia”: Why understanding the history of Jim Crow is still essential

Erick Erickson's absurd "Star Wars" freakout is exactly why right-wing gun arguments make no sense

The media has gotten strangely defensive about its coverage of terrorism in Paris & Beirut

Laura Ingraham: "The American people are just about fed up" with "anti-American" Obama's "calls for compassion"

Megyn Kelly and guest unwittingly prove Trevor Noah and "The Daily Show" to be 100 percent correct

"Jihadi Lives Matter": Sean Hannity's guest attempts to offend as many non-white people as possible

"Immigration without assimilation is invasion": The best thing about Bobby Jindal dropping out is that we never have to hear that phrase again

Back off U2: Criticizing the band for not playing Paris immediately after the terror attacks is absurd

George Takei invites Roanoke mayor who positively invoked Japanese internment camps to see "Allegiance," his play about them

Donald Trump's vision of "religious freedom" is a totalitarian nightmare

Josh Duggar's latest "sex scandal" is about alleged violence: Headlines trumpeting "porn star" and "rough sex" miss the point

Swipe right for "smart enough": Tinder's future add-ons will help you find your intellectual equal

You don't need God for comfort: 7 places atheists can turn to in times of need

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How "Scandal" became great again: By replacing Olivia's white hat with a crown

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Donald Trump's sick resurgence: How Paris and refugee xenophobia gave new life to his campaign

Stephen Colbert's scathing Bobby Jindal farewell: GOP still party of stupid, Trump "offensive" and Carson "bizarre"

Ben Carson's new low: GOP hopeful compares refugees to "rabid dogs"