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Monsanto's cancer-linked pesticide could be coming to a city park near you

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This election won't make anything better: Why our options in November are bad and worse

The Trump-Ryan "unity" pageant: Two GOP faction leaders will meet face to face today — but they'll never see eye to eye

Racists and white nationalists love Donald Trump: Seth Meyers calls out what the media is afraid to say

Trevor Noah unloads on #Bernieorbust: "I knew some of Bernie Sanders voters are young, but I didn't realize they're children"

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The NSA's stunning 9/11 failure: How big-money contractors made us more vulnerable to attack

Watch conservatives brawl on The Kelly File: Donald Trump has "more positions than a porn star!"

Mitt Romney has a wild new theory why Trump refuses to release his taxes

Paul Krugman goes "Game of Thrones" on the GOP nominee and his advisers: "Truly, Donald Trump, you know nothing"

The Democratic ticket that would have been a slam dunk: Joe Biden wanted Elizabeth Warren as his VP

"Baloney!": We're not saying he's a caricature, but Bill O'Reilly is literally on Fox News yelling at the Internet

Because you missed it: Watch Alanis Morissette sing a millennial version of "Ironic" with James Corden

Jonathan Chait is wrong: Trump supporters aren't stupid. They're mostly racists who are successfully sticking it to the establishment

Hollywood Reporter banned from Cannes event after publishing critical Ronan Farrow essay on Woody Allen

Calm down about Jenny Slate's boyfriend: She isn't a teenage rom-com stereotype come to life

Donald Trump could be "the actual last president of the United States" says Johnny Depp

"Phase one of my plan to destroy the wanker party is now complete": Check out Republican apostate Bruce Bartlett's wondrous Trump tweets

Hollywood's unforgivable Woody Allen cowardice: What the controversy at Cannes really proves

Gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin removed from auction

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Twitter's best reactions to George Zimmerman's failed gun auction and publicity stunt

Donald Trump's supply-side hacks: His nonsensical tax plan is getting the trickle-down treatment

Kenya's participation in Rio Olympics is at risk after global officials declare the nation's anti-doping agency inadequate.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank is for real eating a newspaper live on Facebook right now

9/11 commission bombshell: Saudi officials supported attackers, says panel member

Hollywood execs aren't scared, they're just dumb: If research shows movies about women make money, why do they still have to fight to be made?

Sorry, Calvin Klein, but women are not flattered by sexual harassment

We're just speechless: Transgender equality is "a creepy obsession on the left," says New Hampshire Union Leader editorial

"He's so stupid, my god!": World leaders really do not understand Donald Trump's appeal

This is how the Woody Allens of the world get the last word

Top 2 hedge fund managers bankroll Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel, after making $1.7 billion each in 2015

"I founded the SWAT team that killed my son-in-law": A former Utah sheriff speaks out against police violence

Trump's bigoted ex-butler: Obama should be "hung for treason" and is "a fraudulent piece of crap"

"I felt like I was going to die": Philly student alleges police assault over bathroom visit

John Boehner unchained: "I did my best to bring our party together, but I don't know what the knuckleheads want"