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Our food system is rigged: How the corporate food industry is taking desperate steps to fight animal reforms

Democrats are kidding themselves: The House is out of reach, period

Republicans' "voter fraud" false flag: Voter ID laws offer imaginary solutions to imaginary problems

The Clintons' ethics test: Government watchdogs weigh in on the Clinton Foundation's latest maneuvers

Meet Kobe Bryant, venture capitalist: For starters, there are 100 million reasons not to bet against him

From booster to adviser: Sean Hannity has erased his final, albeit microscopic, sliver of impartiality

Tired of Democrats vs. Republicans? Here's how to fix it

Confused conservatives: How can they back a guy who cares so little about their philosophy?

Salon's social bootcamp: He says licking his fingers at the table is fine

Trump defeats Hillary, at least in one respect -- branding apps

Colbert on Trump's new campaign chief Steve Bannon: "If you haven't heard of Breitbart News, that means you do not have a racist uncle on Facebook"

You can call home again -- NASA finds lost spacecraft after 22-month-long search

WATCH: Clinton explains her preparation for debates with Trump — "I am drawing on my experience in elementary school"

Enough with the world tour: Bring the Summer Olympics back home to Greece

How Pfizer's $14 billion overbuy of Medivation could affect how cancer is treated

This shouldn't come as a surprise: Good manners lead to a better sex life

UPDATE: "Roger wants to see your legs": Andrea Tantaros' lawsuit accuses Fox News of being a "Playboy Mansion-like cult"

High school athlete charged with rape avoids jail: Apparently it "would have destroyed this kid's life"

Israeli think tank: Don't destroy ISIS; it's a "useful tool" against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria

In "American Heiress," Jeffrey Toobin looks at what Patty Hearst's story meant to the nation

Bush-era IRS commissioner: Trump "has no excuse" for not releasing tax returns

Melania Trump hires lawyer who sued Gawker, threatens 10 media outlets with libel suits

The alt-right attacks sci-fi: How the Hugo Awards got hijacked by Trumpian-style culture warriors

The Tragically Hip's last gift: Most fans and bands never get the chance to say goodbye

Trump slams President Obama as he arrives in Louisiana to tour flood damage: "Too little, too late"

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe