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Trump uses Huma Abedin's separation from Anthony Weiner to attack Hillary Clinton: Another example of bad judgment

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Donaldson homers again, Blue Jays beat Orioles 5-1

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Deadly new trend: Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids sold as counterfeits

The footsteps Mylan followed: EpiPens scandal runs deeper than most of us realize

Media's big mistake: When we focus too much on Trump's depravities, we ignore bigger issues

Accused teen 'doctor' arrested on new theft charges

Rights group blasts U.S. "hypocrisy" in "vast flood of weapons" to Saudi Arabia, despite war crimes

Porn addiction: The Christian right's latest quack crusade is no excuse for trading in child pornography

"I'm in a union. You're welcome." How having strong labor unions helps everyone who works earn more

Trump's immigration muddle: He's "softening" without actually moderating and confusing everyone

Louisiana police: 4 children missing in California found

Colin Kaepernick's brave statement: His national anthem protest exemplifies the values America must stand for

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European Union orders Apple to pay Ireland $14.5 billion in back taxes

Watch Rachel Maddow read a list of things more popular than Trump: "A significant chunk of the country would prefer the bubonic plague"

Sen. Ron Johnson threatened to cut off his children for out-of-wedlock births, docs show

Stephen Colbert: Trump's doctor "looks like a guy who could not only write you a prescription for drugs, but tell you what they taste like"

"Asymmetric Politics": A deep dive into the mysterious puzzle of America's political divide

Millennials' aversion to "dealing with people" a greater threat to fast-food workers than any minimum wage hike

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Iconic black Olympic medalists defend Colin Kaepernick's protest: "Utterly amazing" it is necessary nearly 50 years later

The Latest: Tropical weather system nears Outer Banks

Coca-Cola first major bottler to globally replenish all the water used by its factories

Taylor Swift dismissed from jury duty due to ongoing sexual assault case

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LAPD and SWAT surround home of singer Chris Brown

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Redundant Donald: America is already great (at terrorizing immigrants)

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