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State Dept. lawyers warned that U.S. might be complicit in Saudi war crimes in Yemen — but arms deals continued

Waking from the John Wayne dream: Columbus and Jackson are dead, but America's war against indigenous people lives on

BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Betsy McCaughey, who dubbed Hillary the "speech police" for calling out Trump's bigotry

Good riddance to geek culture's "good old days": At NY Comic Con, optimism about diversity abounds

What Columbus Day really celebrates: The "most massive act of genocide" in world history

Salon Talks: Donald Trump might've been "strong" during town hall, but voters still aren't convinced

Salon Talks: Planned Parenthood supports Hillary Clinton — Donald Trump would be detrimental to women's rights

It's 1492 all over again: Police arrest Dakota Access pipeline protestors on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Even Andy Cohen needed a shower: Watch what happens when Donald Trump turns a presidential debate into a reality TV nightmare

Bizarro world: The debate showed us the real "liberal media bias" — for Donald Trump

The truth is, he's out there: Blink 182 lead singer Tom DeLonge really wants to tell the Hillary Clinton about UFOs

Salon Talks: "Luke Cage" is uncomfortable for some, but it's important progress for black representation

Salon Talks: Comics are becoming more inclusive, especially for women, but still have a long way to go

Peace from death: The explosive, deadly history of the Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trump's great TV karma: The very thing that created Trump is destroying him

Body cameras aren't the answer: Why police violence against black people can't be solved by recording devices

Owned by Trump: In his final capitulation, all Mike Pence gave away was his autonomy, integrity and dignity

Seeing red: China's sinking economy could pull America and the world into recession

"Because ISIS": Whoever wins the presidential election, the Middle East loses

Promoting family time: Hhgregg announces it's closing stores for Thanksgiving

Samsung stops Galaxy Note 7 phone production because they're still igniting

Watch Seth Meyers destroy "pervert on the bus" Donald Trump: He treats "the world like the inside of a locker room"

Talk is cheap: If Hillary Clinton really wants to work with Republicans, here's her chance

Into the mud: Donald Trump is flinging sleaze at Hillary Clinton — and it won't work

Russian propaganda on WikiLeaks makes its way into a Donald Trump speech in record time

Infight on the right: Donald Trump goes on Twitter to attack "weak and ineffective" Paul Ryan

Donald Trump's sex assault video is forcing Americans to have a conversation about how inappropriate it is to grab a woman's crotch

"Mulan" is not a romance: Even with an all-Asian cast, Disney's live-action remake could still miss the mark

RNC spokesman Sean Spicer denies saying the exact thing he said while defending Donald Trump's sexual assault boast

Thank God Almighty, Donald Trump is free at last

John McCain is thinking about writing in Lindsey Graham: "The fact is I can't — seriously — I cannot vote for either one."

Crossing the line: Yes, border officials and the FBI can — and do — rely on racial profiling

The forgiveness tour: When the only thing better than hearing "I'm sorry" is saying it

Donald Trump's team blames Beyoncé: Surrogates equate his boasting of sexual assault to rap lyrics

Samantha Bee thinks Republicans upset over Donald Trump's sexism don't get it: "The comments were wrong because women are human"

Donald Trump wants to be your hero: New ad says the GOP chicken hawk is "the only one who can" protect you

Legal marijuana is a threat to drug smuggling in Arizona

Halt and catch fire: Samsung scraps the Galaxy Note 7... because it spontaneously combusts

Peggy Orenstein on Donald Trump's crude remarks about women: "It's about abusive, aggressive behavior by a man who's not seeing a problem"

Leaked Hillary Clinton emails show U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar supported ISIS

The big loser in Donald Trump's war against the GOP is Ted Cruz somehow

“Maybe that’s the problem”: Ben Carson insists that more women should be exposed to Donald Trump’s “locker room” banter about sexual assault

Billy Bush likely out at "Today": Reports say suspension over lewd Donald Trump conversation about to be permanent